Thursday, 15 October 2009

It's been a busy week! I finally got about 50 flowers finished and sent them off into the world back east with my boss. HOPEFULLY they will sell.. I guess we'll see. Once the commission is put on them seem a little expensive (20-22 dollars) but one of my best friends says she does hers at that price. Only thing to do is sit back and wait.
I managed to finally make a light tent from some instructions I found here

I saved a waxed box from work that used to hold celery. I think I would maybe try a lighter cotton next time to dispurse the light a little more.
The pictures that it took though were fabulous. I made a new banner out of one of the photos and here are a few more....

Saturday, 3 October 2009

More flowers...

It's been a while.. I've now moved back to Canada from jolly old England. I'm feeling settled now and still have a fairly healthy craftatite which is fueled by one of my two part time jobs.. working at a fabric store.
It's called Satin moon which is located in Victoria BC. It's a fabulous cute store and it helps feed my habit.
You can imagine how "horrible" it is to work in a fabric store when you LOVE making fabric flowers. I've been honing in on my tsumami skills and now have a total of 4 different petals under my belt. I've taken a few photos of my latest batch which I'm hoping to get selling soon as the pile is expanding at a rate of 2-4 flowers a day.

Just for the record...I actually stand corrected.. as I thought that they were tsuNAMI they are actually tsuMAMI... how this happened I'm not totally sure. I contacted the people at cutoutandkeep and asked them to change the name of my tutorial. It's great to see people giving this awesome craft a go.
anyways.. I'll try and keep posting a log of my sea of flowers as the days go on.. a new tutorial might appear.

Have you ever made a light tent? The one thing I've been struggling with this week is how to get good pictures of my flowers and figuring out how all those people on ebay make such good photos. Nothing beats a good google search and I've found out how to make one for dollars. I think that's what I'll tackle this morning. Make meself a brew and off I go.
Not a very interesting post.. but they'll get better.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

More tsunami flowers

I made some more little mini tsunami flower's again and threw them onto hair pins.
They are just super cute.. little flowers can you help yourself?
I'm goiing to throw them on my etsy shop. Me shop

My 12 crafts in 12 months

***I have to mention I'm giggleing away writing this listening to Raffi-Banana phone...don't ask just enjoy...Clicky clicky ring ring ring ring ring BANANA phone***

I was inspired after reading about a girl who is planning on doing 52 crafts in 52 weeks to make my own list of crafty-to-do wish list.

There is absolutely no way in hell I could possibly completed that many DIFFERENT crafts in that time. Not to mention can you imagine what your craft room would look like.. also I don't think it's financially viable for me. She was planning on doing things that she had supplies for already. Still... 52 things..
Anyways I've decided to completed 12 crafts in 12 months. This all began in January I should mention and so far I am on track.

My list:

1) Chunky Resin bracelet
2) Bottle cap belt
3) Bike inner tubr bracelet
4) Tetris Bag
5) Sushi Pillows
6) Quillow
7) LED hula hoop
8) Apron
9) Fork bracelet/jewelery
10) Rug
11) Tsunami Kanzashi Flower
12) Basket Weaving

So far I've completed number 11. Number 10 is still to be completed.. the never ending rug!

I'm absolutely gutted. I just heard that craftzine is going to be stopping their printed edition of their magazine! They will be online.. but there just soo something about having it in your hands and being able to thumb through it on the train or whilst waiting for the doctors or whatever.


Sunday, 15 February 2009

I'll start this post with heart filled sadness to say Sarah Richards, co-founder of the Knitting Noras, Vegan, Bookcrosser, cat lover and all round decent person passed away Friday morning after her battle with cancer.
She will be sadly missed. However it's not many that can leave a mark before they leave this world and through her dedication and knitting passion has helped bring together a large group of woman every month to share what they love.. knitting.
We will be knitting a bouquet for Sarah. I've mentioned previously the Knitting Noras are creating a Naked Knitting Calendar which all proceeds will be going to Christies Hospital.

There is a memorial HERE on their website page along with further information regarding the calender. As Lisa Brooks a fine personal friend of mine pointed out, the passing of Sarah makes this project even more poignant.

On a lighter note many of us Knitting Nora nutters flocked to the opening of the TurnPike Gallery yesterday to view our masterpiece.
It was extremely busy and our project seemed to be well received. We had a lot of chat, some cups of tea and a good look to see what other woman have been making.

As I write this I realized I forgot to take a picture of one of the craziest sweaters I've seen in my days.
Picture this... bright neon orange, yellow, pink and purple... think dog sweater texture with various eye popping knitting effects of stripes and swirls... leaves.. about 80 buttons.. covering a column... That's about it. Madness at it's best. It was amazing!

Inga Hamilton was back and her crochet bacteria was with her. What a work of art literall. I was sat shaking my head with amazement staring this creature she had created. Words nor pictures can really do it any justice. I think it's a shame there was no way to display the sheer amount of effort and work that went into it. She says the secret to making something like this all lies in art of making Hungarian sausages...If you haven't already go check out her blog here.

Here are a few photos of our wicked garden.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

I'm in love with my cape!

I sold my first cape today!! How exciting!! I've also got commissioned to make another girl today whilst setting up the knitted garden for the exhibition today for the Turnpike Gallery.
This woman has was in the midst of making a uber crazy project making a massive giant size crochet project!! She was on a massive ladder filling yer "yarn" I'll post the pictures in the next few days, and I can't WAIT to see her finished work.
She describes herself as a fibre artist and is from Northern Ireland. She's one to check out, You can follow her blog here.

The beautiful thing about these capes is the fact that it's a simple rectangle. i once saw something like it years ago in my teens at a shop. I've played with the design and added my own twist with the applique on it and have been thinking about added pockets on the insides.
If you want to learn how to make them have a look at my tutorial here on

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Tsunami Kanzashi Flowers wahooo!!

Yonks ago I was looking at one of my best friends websites and discovered she makes these. They are just too cute for words if you ask me! She's really honed in on making them and now sells them on Etsy.
I however wanted to make these.

My original find was on how to make the ones with the pointed edges which I attempted and failed terribly, the flowers would just not stay and they weren't anything like the ones my darling Zoee had created. Instead of simply emailing her and asking to make a tutorial for myself I soldiered on and eventually pieced together the idea on how to make them.

I've now made my own tutorial and posted it on Cutoutandkeep and now if you simply put in the words Tsunami Kanzashi flowers mine comes up!!

You can view my tutorial HERE

This was boosted I believe when my tutorial was featured for a short period on the cutoutandkeep website.
Which i'm super proud of. It even managed to stay number one favorited projected at the moment which is pretty freaking cool. I hope people who are looking to makes these have found that page and are making them with ease.

Some suggestions if you want to make these.

1) make sure you starch your fabric. You can alternatively use interfacing if you are out of starch. Some people have been known to boil rice or potatoes and dipped the fabric in that. I have yet to try this method but will post about it once I've given it a whirl.

2) give it a try a few times. Its not an easy little art to do, these guys are really fidgety.

3) Pick the right material, too soft and even the starch won't lend a hand to it keeping it's form, too thick and it won't help either.

I've made little tiny ones and made them into hair pins.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Recently I attended a night with the Manchester Craft Mafia. If you live near a major city check them out. Manchester's sector does a once a month craft night. They provide you with all sorts of free goodies to play with. Buttons, fabric, zippers and yarn etc.
Whilst I was there I met a girl named Amy who was creating a rug called a tooth brush rug. (the picture here is hers)


I went home that night and starting eyeing up all the toothbrushes in my bathroom, the next day I bravely interrupted my boyfriend who was in the middle of manly DIY who happily whipped out his drill and converted my toothbrush into a tool.

However.... during the google escapade looking for info on a good how-to I stumbled across the braided (that's plaited for you UK'ers) rug.
This evoked childhood memories of my mom's.
This made me home sick
This made me go upstairs and tear apart the "for charity" bag of clothing.
which ended up with me braiding till 4am in the morning watching my other half lay down out new flooring. (I multi tasked it making cups of tea)

It's still in the begining stages.

It's a labour of love which the dog has already discovered. The final pictures will be posted as soon as I'm finished.

The toothbrush rug will be next.

This weekend me and my friend the Knitting Noras from Bolton Manchester will be featuring our knitted garden at the TurnPike gallery along with several other media artist. Which Amy will be displaying her full rug. I might bring down my tools and ask for a lesson.

On a side note the Knitting Noras are putting together a Naked Knitting Calander for next year in hopes to raise money for Christies Hospital. Have a look to see what me and the rest of the nutters are scheming together here.

Right... enough babbling for now.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Quilts fantastic

I created a quilt from an idea I saw in Craftzine, which if you haven't already discovered is a awesome magazine packed with all kinds of fun ideas.

Anyways I made this quilt and I sent a picture and my story which was then published in the letters to the editor recently. You can view in on the web via the link below.

Here is the original post I made.....

Some time last year I ventured into the jungle back room that is otherwise known as my boyfriends daughters. It's been attacked over the years by me who went on a "re-decorating" rant and now has 400 mini folded stars hanging from the ceiling along with large origami butterflies etc.. you get the picture. It's a fun room to say the least.
Anyways during my guerrilla warfare style cleaning/redecorating phase I piled a PILE of clothes from when likkle baby girl was 5 years old.. (she's 9 this fall) and stuffed them in a bag and threw it in the "to charity" pile. ENTER boyfriend drinking tea who casually notices pile and instantly starts pulling stuff out and crying out loud "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!?" and followed something similar out of a world war 2 movie, but instead of guns and ammo we had our mouths and words.
Dust settled and the clothing stayed where it was.
Now recently I've been eyeing up her barbie and fairy duvet covers for her bed and also the calendar that is hanging over her bed. Our little baby girl is fast approaching her 9th birthday and has already mentioned that barbie.. ain't cool anymore... Bratzs are where it's at. God get with the programme eh? So I had been thinking of somehow incorporating likkle baby girls clothing into a new quilt but only had imagined doing squares.. now the last time I did squares it was a nightmare and because it's all in the name. Squares.. gotta be squares.. so they match up to the other squares.
When you sew with newspaper made patterns... and you know it ain't square.. it can cause issues.
So I had been putting it off until I saw an article in a craft magazine ( and was re-inspired to create a new quilt. I dove into the sewing room with massive war starting bag of clothing and locked myself in there for three days before emerging triumphantly with a new quilt. All parties are satisfied and happy.. peace has been re-instated and life goes on.

The other one is similar story about a pair of cargo pants my man refused to throw out (are we seeing a pattern yet?) He seems to sense my love to re purpose and I made a bag out of one pair and a quilt out of another. I did a bunch of crazy sewing machine stuff and voila. Instant (well a little exaggerated) Christmas present.

I am a Christmas Tree

This is just to show off one of my favourite costumes I've ever made.

Last year Xmas time I was desperate for a little extra cash, and lo and behold they had a christmas costume contest, which I stayed up all night for three nights working on.

I used cardboard boxes that had delivered some tables, battery powered LED's a and poked them through the cardboard for that authentic xmas tree feel, and made present shoes out of shoe boxes that said "to yoda love mom"

Cut out star as a headdress, and I had my ipod hooked up to some portable speakers spewing cheesy christmas tunes for added effect.

SO much fun and laughter came from this costume and instead of getting a real christmas tree that year, we just propped this bad boy up in our living room.

Oh AND I won!! (duh, I mean if someone else had I woulda cried and then beat them up IN my costume.)

Sunday, 8 February 2009

new blog new blog!!!

Ok, so I started a new blog.. this is the new place for all my crazy projects to be logged to share and keep a list/track of all the mad things I've done...
here we go.. wahoooot.