Monday, 9 February 2009

I am a Christmas Tree

This is just to show off one of my favourite costumes I've ever made.

Last year Xmas time I was desperate for a little extra cash, and lo and behold they had a christmas costume contest, which I stayed up all night for three nights working on.

I used cardboard boxes that had delivered some tables, battery powered LED's a and poked them through the cardboard for that authentic xmas tree feel, and made present shoes out of shoe boxes that said "to yoda love mom"

Cut out star as a headdress, and I had my ipod hooked up to some portable speakers spewing cheesy christmas tunes for added effect.

SO much fun and laughter came from this costume and instead of getting a real christmas tree that year, we just propped this bad boy up in our living room.

Oh AND I won!! (duh, I mean if someone else had I woulda cried and then beat them up IN my costume.)

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