Sunday, 15 February 2009

I'll start this post with heart filled sadness to say Sarah Richards, co-founder of the Knitting Noras, Vegan, Bookcrosser, cat lover and all round decent person passed away Friday morning after her battle with cancer.
She will be sadly missed. However it's not many that can leave a mark before they leave this world and through her dedication and knitting passion has helped bring together a large group of woman every month to share what they love.. knitting.
We will be knitting a bouquet for Sarah. I've mentioned previously the Knitting Noras are creating a Naked Knitting Calendar which all proceeds will be going to Christies Hospital.

There is a memorial HERE on their website page along with further information regarding the calender. As Lisa Brooks a fine personal friend of mine pointed out, the passing of Sarah makes this project even more poignant.

On a lighter note many of us Knitting Nora nutters flocked to the opening of the TurnPike Gallery yesterday to view our masterpiece.
It was extremely busy and our project seemed to be well received. We had a lot of chat, some cups of tea and a good look to see what other woman have been making.

As I write this I realized I forgot to take a picture of one of the craziest sweaters I've seen in my days.
Picture this... bright neon orange, yellow, pink and purple... think dog sweater texture with various eye popping knitting effects of stripes and swirls... leaves.. about 80 buttons.. covering a column... That's about it. Madness at it's best. It was amazing!

Inga Hamilton was back and her crochet bacteria was with her. What a work of art literall. I was sat shaking my head with amazement staring this creature she had created. Words nor pictures can really do it any justice. I think it's a shame there was no way to display the sheer amount of effort and work that went into it. She says the secret to making something like this all lies in art of making Hungarian sausages...If you haven't already go check out her blog here.

Here are a few photos of our wicked garden.

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