Monday, 9 February 2009

Quilts fantastic

I created a quilt from an idea I saw in Craftzine, which if you haven't already discovered is a awesome magazine packed with all kinds of fun ideas.

Anyways I made this quilt and I sent a picture and my story which was then published in the letters to the editor recently. You can view in on the web via the link below.

Here is the original post I made.....

Some time last year I ventured into the jungle back room that is otherwise known as my boyfriends daughters. It's been attacked over the years by me who went on a "re-decorating" rant and now has 400 mini folded stars hanging from the ceiling along with large origami butterflies etc.. you get the picture. It's a fun room to say the least.
Anyways during my guerrilla warfare style cleaning/redecorating phase I piled a PILE of clothes from when likkle baby girl was 5 years old.. (she's 9 this fall) and stuffed them in a bag and threw it in the "to charity" pile. ENTER boyfriend drinking tea who casually notices pile and instantly starts pulling stuff out and crying out loud "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!?" and followed something similar out of a world war 2 movie, but instead of guns and ammo we had our mouths and words.
Dust settled and the clothing stayed where it was.
Now recently I've been eyeing up her barbie and fairy duvet covers for her bed and also the calendar that is hanging over her bed. Our little baby girl is fast approaching her 9th birthday and has already mentioned that barbie.. ain't cool anymore... Bratzs are where it's at. God get with the programme eh? So I had been thinking of somehow incorporating likkle baby girls clothing into a new quilt but only had imagined doing squares.. now the last time I did squares it was a nightmare and because it's all in the name. Squares.. gotta be squares.. so they match up to the other squares.
When you sew with newspaper made patterns... and you know it ain't square.. it can cause issues.
So I had been putting it off until I saw an article in a craft magazine ( and was re-inspired to create a new quilt. I dove into the sewing room with massive war starting bag of clothing and locked myself in there for three days before emerging triumphantly with a new quilt. All parties are satisfied and happy.. peace has been re-instated and life goes on.

The other one is similar story about a pair of cargo pants my man refused to throw out (are we seeing a pattern yet?) He seems to sense my love to re purpose and I made a bag out of one pair and a quilt out of another. I did a bunch of crazy sewing machine stuff and voila. Instant (well a little exaggerated) Christmas present.

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