Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Recently I attended a night with the Manchester Craft Mafia. If you live near a major city check them out. Manchester's sector does a once a month craft night. They provide you with all sorts of free goodies to play with. Buttons, fabric, zippers and yarn etc.
Whilst I was there I met a girl named Amy who was creating a rug called a tooth brush rug. (the picture here is hers)


I went home that night and starting eyeing up all the toothbrushes in my bathroom, the next day I bravely interrupted my boyfriend who was in the middle of manly DIY who happily whipped out his drill and converted my toothbrush into a tool.

However.... during the google escapade looking for info on a good how-to I stumbled across the braided (that's plaited for you UK'ers) rug.
This evoked childhood memories of my mom's.
This made me home sick
This made me go upstairs and tear apart the "for charity" bag of clothing.
which ended up with me braiding till 4am in the morning watching my other half lay down out new flooring. (I multi tasked it making cups of tea)

It's still in the begining stages.

It's a labour of love which the dog has already discovered. The final pictures will be posted as soon as I'm finished.

The toothbrush rug will be next.

This weekend me and my friend the Knitting Noras from Bolton Manchester will be featuring our knitted garden at the TurnPike gallery along with several other media artist. Which Amy will be displaying her full rug. I might bring down my tools and ask for a lesson.

On a side note the Knitting Noras are putting together a Naked Knitting Calander for next year in hopes to raise money for Christies Hospital. Have a look to see what me and the rest of the nutters are scheming together here.

Right... enough babbling for now.

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