Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Tsunami Kanzashi Flowers wahooo!!

Yonks ago I was looking at one of my best friends websites and discovered she makes these. They are just too cute for words if you ask me! She's really honed in on making them and now sells them on Etsy.
I however wanted to make these.

My original find was on how to make the ones with the pointed edges which I attempted and failed terribly, the flowers would just not stay and they weren't anything like the ones my darling Zoee had created. Instead of simply emailing her and asking to make a tutorial for myself I soldiered on and eventually pieced together the idea on how to make them.

I've now made my own tutorial and posted it on Cutoutandkeep and now if you simply put in the words Tsunami Kanzashi flowers mine comes up!!

You can view my tutorial HERE

This was boosted I believe when my tutorial was featured for a short period on the cutoutandkeep website.
Which i'm super proud of. It even managed to stay number one favorited projected at the moment which is pretty freaking cool. I hope people who are looking to makes these have found that page and are making them with ease.

Some suggestions if you want to make these.

1) make sure you starch your fabric. You can alternatively use interfacing if you are out of starch. Some people have been known to boil rice or potatoes and dipped the fabric in that. I have yet to try this method but will post about it once I've given it a whirl.

2) give it a try a few times. Its not an easy little art to do, these guys are really fidgety.

3) Pick the right material, too soft and even the starch won't lend a hand to it keeping it's form, too thick and it won't help either.

I've made little tiny ones and made them into hair pins.

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  1. Lovely flowers! And great tutorial. Way to go on getting featured with cutoutandkeep. I am glad that you are sharing your creativity - it is amazing ;)