Thursday, 15 October 2009

It's been a busy week! I finally got about 50 flowers finished and sent them off into the world back east with my boss. HOPEFULLY they will sell.. I guess we'll see. Once the commission is put on them seem a little expensive (20-22 dollars) but one of my best friends says she does hers at that price. Only thing to do is sit back and wait.
I managed to finally make a light tent from some instructions I found here

I saved a waxed box from work that used to hold celery. I think I would maybe try a lighter cotton next time to dispurse the light a little more.
The pictures that it took though were fabulous. I made a new banner out of one of the photos and here are a few more....


  1. Hi, I saw the beautiful kanzashi flower in your banner and had a look around your blog for more. They are lovely, especially the blue one with the pearlescent button! And thanks for becoming a follower of my blog! :)

  2. Oh Thanks Eva! They are super fun to make eh? You were making those sunflower ones to mark other people?? That is an AWESOME idea.