Thursday, 15 October 2009

It's been a busy week! I finally got about 50 flowers finished and sent them off into the world back east with my boss. HOPEFULLY they will sell.. I guess we'll see. Once the commission is put on them seem a little expensive (20-22 dollars) but one of my best friends says she does hers at that price. Only thing to do is sit back and wait.
I managed to finally make a light tent from some instructions I found here

I saved a waxed box from work that used to hold celery. I think I would maybe try a lighter cotton next time to dispurse the light a little more.
The pictures that it took though were fabulous. I made a new banner out of one of the photos and here are a few more....

Saturday, 3 October 2009

More flowers...

It's been a while.. I've now moved back to Canada from jolly old England. I'm feeling settled now and still have a fairly healthy craftatite which is fueled by one of my two part time jobs.. working at a fabric store.
It's called Satin moon which is located in Victoria BC. It's a fabulous cute store and it helps feed my habit.
You can imagine how "horrible" it is to work in a fabric store when you LOVE making fabric flowers. I've been honing in on my tsumami skills and now have a total of 4 different petals under my belt. I've taken a few photos of my latest batch which I'm hoping to get selling soon as the pile is expanding at a rate of 2-4 flowers a day.

Just for the record...I actually stand corrected.. as I thought that they were tsuNAMI they are actually tsuMAMI... how this happened I'm not totally sure. I contacted the people at cutoutandkeep and asked them to change the name of my tutorial. It's great to see people giving this awesome craft a go.
anyways.. I'll try and keep posting a log of my sea of flowers as the days go on.. a new tutorial might appear.

Have you ever made a light tent? The one thing I've been struggling with this week is how to get good pictures of my flowers and figuring out how all those people on ebay make such good photos. Nothing beats a good google search and I've found out how to make one for dollars. I think that's what I'll tackle this morning. Make meself a brew and off I go.
Not a very interesting post.. but they'll get better.