Monday, 20 December 2010

What's your christmas costume?

I was working in an office in the UK for several years and every Christmas they would have a costume contest! Delightful! How strange! A chance to dress up and it's NOT halloween???AND a cash prize?!?! Oh yes please.

The first year I created a cardboard christmas tree costume.. but... with bells and whistles..

It had LED lights poked through and I had little speakers hooked up which blasted xmas music.

The feet were presents.. One from Darth Vader to Yoda..

here's a video a friend of mine took on her phone..
I am a christmas tree video

out of hundreds of people on site.. I WON!!!! yay!!

The following year ( and after winning the easter bonnet contest 2 years consecutively... I was getting a reputation now) I decided I had to out do myself..I had planned this next one a year in advance.

THEN disaster struck. My friends dad died suddenly and the day of the funeral was set for the same day of the costume contest. I announced to my section at work I wasn't participating and they would have to wait...Then the weirdest thing started to happen.. I was getting approached by the new recruits who had been told in TRAINING about the contest and me and my costumes!!! They came up to me and said it was too bad I wasn't entering..

THEN one girl TWO days before the contest comes huffing up.

" I heard you're not entering this time"

" No I have a funeral "

" SERIOUSLY?? You don't have anything to enter??"

" No, it's shame, I had a good idea but maybe next year"

" You don't understand...You have to enter, I have been working on my costume for weeks, YOU ARE the reason why I have been working so hard. I've heard about you and I have vowed to win'

Now I am sitting there thinking this is kinda crazy and disturbing, but I could tell the girl wanted to win the glory, the money and the chance to parade around the job site while getting paid and giving out candy to everyone showing off your awesomeness...I understood what it was like to want to PROVE you are more crafty. However.. I also felt I had some kinda.. crafty nemesis all of the sudden.

So.. I said "Ok... I'll make it and have my friend wear it in."

That night and the following night were like many nights that have come before. Paint, glue and scissors were flying all over the living room, and in true costume making fashion I had my annual melt down at 1am as I was convinced this wasn't going to work...

Sometime.. in the weee hours before the contest I finished.. and emerged as...


Complete with 20 LED's that flashed in the star.

I dropped it off on the way to the funeral and bit my lip wondering.. will people be insulted? Have I just crossed the religious line? Will I be walking back into scrutiny after this?

As I sipped on my beer at the funeral reception which was at the pub across the street from work two of my co-workers came flying through the door. I HAD WON !!!

It was very funny because the rumour that Sarah hadn't won this year was flying around.. until the guy I had wearing my costume had to admit it wasn't his. The girl who had approached me came in second dressed as a fruit cake!!! It was brilliant actually.

AND... the kicker? I also won one of the 5 christmas baskets full of food and wine... BOTH YEARS!!

Ahhh.... I was/am well loved.

I am now back in Canada and miss the excuse to dress up. Oh well.. Maybe next year.

Merry holidays guys!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Another Quilt for Charity

Are you having moments yet where you can either sew for yourself.. or sew for christmas for others? It's that time of year where I look at my to-do list and nearly faint. However one big thing has been trying to get a few quilts out for charity.

I was inspired by Auntspicy and friends "100 Quilts for Christmas" and have managed to crank out two baby quilts in between school, work and life. It makes me feel good and I like that. I had alot of fun making these two quilts and also taking photos of them actually. I've never gone out of my way to take nice photos of my quilt so that was kinda different and challenging.

This quilt I started following a pattern I had but I was using fat quarters and realized after cutting up about 5 of the 6 QQ's I had cut the fabric the wrong direction and would either have to start again or try something different.. which I did. I've never made up my own pattern before and that fun!

And of course I didn't have enough fabric for my backing.. and not wanting to leave the house I had to make do.

Another first for me was I decided to buy some Machingers OMLG (oh my lady ga-ga) these things have been life altering.

Thanks for stopping in to have a look!! :)

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Have you seen these yet?

I recently picked up the latest Quilting Arts magazine and totally fell in love with the houses on the front which actually act as an advent calendar with little numbered pockets on the back!!

They look really similar to those on one of my new favorite books called Scandinavian Stitches too...A simply MUST buy.

So I kinda morphed the two ideas to make adorable house ornaments.

I want to make more.. and more.. and more...

Too bad I have to study :(

Monday, 6 December 2010

100 Quilts before christmas

Ah, the month of December, tis the season to give. I noticed on Auntspicy's blog she had a hand in starting 100 quilts before Christmas. Earlier this year I had a baby quilt top I had made from fat quarters made from a tutorial here. It has sat in my drawer and it seemed the right reason to get it together and finished.

You can view the quilts that are being donated today here at Swim, Bike, Quilt.

I really love these fabrics..

The brightness of them.

The backing is from the Very Hungry Caterpillar series

Now it's all finished and will be dropped off to the Cridge Center and hopefully find it's way into someones arms to brighten their holiday season.

Happy holidays.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

The twitter rabbit hole....

After months of wondering I was finally convinced to sign up for twitter, I had it on an old email.. but I now officially have it set up under my new email and... GASP.. on my phone.

I haven't a clue what I am doing! Down the rabbit hole of twitter. Go on.. I'll follow you if you follow me!! Internet follow the leader right??

Friday, 3 December 2010

Good bye sexy man hello elephants!!

Do you keep those tiny itty bitty pieces of your favorite fabric.. just in you have SO many of them they over flow several drawers and plastic bags..enough you could make a house cozy...And even though you don't use them you can't bear to throw them out?? Because you live with the false hope that ONE DAY you will.. oh yes you will find that one true project and you just happen to have that 10 inch square of that red fabric you've saved for 30 years for this day?? And finally you can show you friends and boyfriends that SEE... it did come in use.

Today I finally found a project to use those pieces of fabric..

The back story:

Several weeks ago I had to lay to rest my ironing board cover... which had some stud in a loin cloth..I have no idea where it came from, but I've never had a man hang around for so long.. and help with the ironing. But alas.. we had to part ways. Ironing board cover man was so dirty and old he had to go.

Tonight whilst my ACTUAL real life man was cooking up a meal, I stared at the state of what was left under my cover..

Hmmm.. evidence that the iron was put down for.... a tad too long perhaps.

Yikes. Big gaping holes....

I just snapped today... and just needed a cover.. like... yesterday. Cracked a beer and got to work.

I sewed bits of fabric together making sure it hung well over my ironing board by several inches. There were a few old blocks I used to cover large areas that were left overs from projects many many moons ago and some recent ones too.

used a 505 spray to hold it on and sewed around the edge where the tie was still in place on the old cover careful not to sew the rope that was in cased already.

cut off the excess fabric..

and threw on my cover!! Ta-da!!

I love it.. cute fabrics and all... Good bye hot study loin cloth man.. HELLO adorable elephants!!!

I love it! What's your ironing board look like? Any hot men on it?

Felted blood

Have you ever given blood? Its one of those things I have meant to do for years. This summer I even went in to investigate and they offered to take me right there. But I wimped out.
Last month a friend from high school put out a plea for donations. Three years ago this month her boyfriend got stabbed and he did survive, but not before using 31units of blood. That means 31 people had to roll up their sleeve and brave the needle so he could live. Captured by her story I let her book me in. I decided to make a few blood drop pins to give to the girls as a gift.

I've been readying this blog here recently and was inspired to give felt another go. Paper and String makes the most ADORABLE stuff... and why can't blood be adorable too I figure. It's been a while since I've worked with felt.. It's lovely to work with! I bought nice stuff.. not the cheap fabricland stuff. SUCH a difference.. like holy whoa.

Although I made it 3/4 through a blood pressure dropped and I didn't get to give a full unit, I will still go back.

How cute is my blood?

Monday, 29 November 2010

Felt kidney for those in need...

Ever had a friend who needed a organ donor? If you can't give a real one.. here's the next best thing.

My best friend called me up a few months ago asking if I could help her with a project. She had found out that a dear friend of hers has been put on dialysis every other day whilst awaiting for a kidney transplant.

What she wanted to do.. was make a felted kidney. So I drafted up a few ideas and we got together and put out love and time into a gift which will put a nice smile on his face.

I think it's a great idea. The final added touch was the tag that read "not for internal use"

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Tutorials AND pictures...

Phew! Just spent over an hour just to add photos to my tutorial page!!! Who thought something so simple would be ridiculous??

Oh well.. for your viewing enjoyment it's been done!!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Mystery Quilt!!

I got the second installment of the Border Creek Station Mystery quilt and got started on it tonight because I am so excited about making it!

I picked out flannel to work with and decided to have a nice shot of colour with Anna Maria Horner flannel.

The whole top is going to be flannel!! I've been using starch every time I press my seams. Also purchased this little guy.

He is making alot of my cutting simpler instead of fiddeling around with my larger rulers.

Little tips.. always leave just a smidge over measurement.. this way if you slip when cutting you still got like 1/16th of a inch to mess with.

And don't forget to use the seam as your "true" straight edge..

What will it look like?!?!?! I can hardly wait for the next one!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

How is this is? Heart yorkies!!!

We attempted to make yorkshire puddings... but I didn't have any regular muffin tins... guess these had to do!! lol

not as fluffy as we were hoping.. but not all things can be mastered at one go!!

Monday, 15 November 2010

How you should pick your kitchen colours.

Ever tried picking colours for your kitchen? The past few months I've been collecting and humming and haa-ing over several different ideas and themes.

Yesterday I stayed up working on my snowball table cloth. I stayed up late and finished off the top and placed it on my table to admire.

How fun and bright is this?? Especially with my lovely flower.. which matches! YAY!

Now I originally made this really.. because I had made a tea cozy..

so I could put my tea cozy on and it would match.. which it does...

Then this morning I thought.. wait a sec.. I collect fiesta ware... which.. interesting enough... I have the similar colours. .. like.. REALLY similar colours...

even the orange!!!

I just LOVE LOVE this fabric..

Then when I looked around... I had other things that matched as well.. even my baking supplies!!

I can't believe how much it matches!!!!

Eek!! and if you remember my rug I made.. bright lovely colours too..

Things just kept coming up, and it's snowballed to the point where it all matches and I have my kitchen colours picked!! *pregnant pause* which actually started.. with a snowball... tablecloth...*insert groan*

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Even you could make this! Snowball block tutorial

Do you have loads of little scraps of fabric that you just can't let go? Little pieces that just are too lovely to throw away because they're not big enough really for a full project?

There are a few in my stash.

Recently I made a tea cozy and fell in love with the fabric... but there was still a fat quarter left.

..then picked out another 5 to go with it...

Snowballs are easy! Even my boyfriend got in on the action... Maybe I had to bribe him with that Skor bar.. but it worked!
Here's a quick and easy snowball tutorial.

First you cut a 8 inch square and four 2 3/4 inch squares.

Place one small square on the corner and draw a line from corner to corner. ( You can eye this up when you sew.)


Cut to a 1/4 inch from your seam.

And Iron!!

I'm making a tablecloth. What will you do with yours?