Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Liquor lamps.. how to tutorial

For Christmas last year one of my best friends Phaedra decided she wanted to make a wine bottle for her mom and a Johnny Walker bottle for her dad into lamps. I had seen this a long time ago and read something about it and was totally GAME for the adventure.

What do you need?

lamp cord with switch
light socket ( we used a candle lightbulb )
electrical tape
Glass drill bit MAKE sure it looks like this
lampshade (the one that clips onto the bulb)
masking tape
Saftey Glasses.. not a bad idea.
(optional) some fringe and hot glue gun

The drill bit is really important, we orginally used a tile/glass bit which the tip looked like this... CLICK HERE and although we did successfully drill through the bottle.. it took forever.. and was very easy to damage the bottle.

Any who...

TOP TIP!! --> Get a few bottles.. chances are if you haven't done this before.. like us.. you'll crack a few.

First clean your bottle.. get that boozey smell outta there

Get your drill bit ready. I recommend using a non-cordless drill. The first few bottles we tried we cracked I'm sure it was a 1:3 in favor of the busted bottles and we killed two batteries in half an hour. Yes.. TWO..

Mark your spot on your bottle with masking tape.
Make sure it's not too close to the bottle of the bottle as this could weaken the glass. Keep your drilling post cool with water running from a watering can or hose. This will prevent heat fractures from the drilling.

Keep a good steady pressure. But not to hard until you go through.

Get your cord and push it through your hole and up through the head of the bottle.

Next notice how there are two wires in a cord.. one has a smooth side

and the other has a bumpy side.

Look at your light socket, notice how there are two screws.. one is brass.. the other one silver. Bumpy goes to brass.

Put the wires through the bottle of the socket and line up the cord to the correct screw. Loosen the screw and curve the wire around the screw and tighten.

Wrap the socket in electrical tape if it is too big to sit in the mouth of the bottle. Wrap it so you can push it in and it will stay put. Next wrap the tape tightly over starting with the first bit wrapping around the mouth of the bottle and any exposed metal bits up to the top of the socket.

Insert bulb.. some fringe if you please.

and tadaaaaaa.. Lamp!


  1. so very kid has a vodka texas mickey hidden in her room, what an awesome lamp that would make lol