Monday, 22 February 2010

The doll ladies

Absolutely amazing doll making ladies come into my work on mondays when I'm at Satin Moon. They previously helped me with my felt doll project.
I walked into the backroom today and saw this...

Carefully handcrafted. I'm just floored how it came to life. The "pens" she found at Value Village for 4 dollars (BARGAIN) which TOTALLY brings this whole thing together. the amount of love and time that goes into these things is astounding..

The beak and the legs were done with a paper mache like substance and then sanded down then painted. They eyes are raised and brought to life through carefully placed stitches then painted. The dresses are designed for each doll. These are just too funny and cool. If I had another day a week.. I'd probably take this up.

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