Friday, 19 February 2010

Felt doll

About a year ago I returned back to Canada after living in Jolly ol England for 2 1/2 years. I was living outside of Manchester with my boyfriend who has a darling daughter who recently turned 10. We have a fabulous relationship and one thing I love love LOVED about her is that she is super into crafting and loves everything I do.
One thing I made for her was a quilt made out of me, my boyfriend and her old shirts that we saved from going to charity.. well my boyfriend saved from going. You can read and view the quilt here:

I've been longing for weekends where I can craft with her and feel like there is a little bit of a hole in my heart now that we are separated. It took a while but I finally thought up something that could be fun for both of us and we could do together but on other sides of the world.

I called her up and asked her to design a doll for me. Any type of doll and that I needed details of what kinda clothing she wanted, type of fabric etc.
Two weeks later a letter arrived in the post.. this is what I pulled out.

Talk about details!!! I mean.. whoa.. I wasn't expecting this at all. Not to mention.. how do accomplish the details. Her imagination certainly got mine going.

I went out to the local fiber arts shop Knotty by Nature one of the owners Ryan ( who SPINS and knits?? hello! )Showed me a doll his wife had made for Halloween of a spider. She had used pipe cleaners for legs, however I found they were a bit limp.. so decided to beef up the number of pipes in my doll. With a few questions about felting needles answered I went home and began.

How did I do it?? Well the entire skeleton is made out of pipe cleaners. The abdomen is where the core is and the legs, arm and neck all are attached in the middle. I cut out separate little bits and doubled them over for the fingers.. this way there were no pokey bits sticking out.

The legs and " mouth " and eyes I wrapped up pom pom's in the pipes.. this allowed me to felt some good detail and saved me loads of time and felting.

Clothes were difficult. I wanted to make the top come on and off.. however the doll had a design flaw.. the hands were huge.. and the head made it impossible really for it to come on and off.

I did however get the underpants to come on and off.

The shoes were a challenge. I've never made shoes before so I consulted a group of doll makers who come in to one of my places of work Satin Moon and they told me for clothing etc use paper towel and pin it to your doll and then make a template from that. It worked brilliantly!!

Anyways here's the rest of the photos.. He's even got a cute little touche and belly button!!!

Can't wait for the next.

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