Sunday, 21 February 2010

For the love of art.

Ever just.. practically burst because you're so happy? do you ever get like that from crafting?? I love people that are passionate about what they do. Yesterday I was starving at work.. (please note the lovely young man dancing in the background my darling coworker Bronson)
Anyways.. so I went next door to Mo:le and ordered an amazing breakfast. The staff there are hilarious and i love them. As I placed my order and was passing the cook I shouted into the kitchen I'd be back to pick it up and I wanted it made with extra love.
Well 15 mins later one of the girls comes dancing over.. and this is what was on my plate.

How cute is that??

The sheer amount of work that goes into crafting food is amazing. The last few days I've been marveling one of my places of work. Cafe Bliss which is beside Mo:le and Habit Coffee (which is one of the best cups of Java in this town me thinks) Bronson the guy who is dancing in the background of the top photo has been working extra hard since the owner has taken off for a few weeks. Yesterday.. he made this.

I ate it.. then named it "Chocolate Oh my goodness Banana cheesecake" It's totally dairy free, and that's just incredible for if you have a piece.. there is no turning back. You will be hooked. Yum yum yum yum.

My mind has been wandering alot lately about expressing yourself through various different mediums. Tattos, hairstyles, socks, shoes, cooking, nail polish... I mean really it's endless. I could pick a topic every day and start it off with "The art of creating a beehive" and write and write..

totally off topic but on topic I went and invested in some bumpits a few weeks ago.. THEY ARE AMAZING and yes girls they actually work. It took a little bit of tweeking but in the end I got there. I love my faux beehive. I might wear it to work tomorrow in fact! whoot.

Looking forward to my days off to get some serious sewing in.

Oh and one more picture of "B" with some more amazing chocolate goodness. Mint Matcha squares.

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