Friday, 26 February 2010

Happy birfday to me!!!

That's it.. this is the final year.,, and I can officially say about the 20's.. been there done that.. got the wrinkles.

Last few days I've been bouncing in and out of the apartment. My latest project is some old lamp shade. My mom's friend was getting rid of old lamps.. and I find that good lamps are hard to come by..and I really liked the base of these.. One was in good condition... but the shade was tattered.. and then I found an extra lampshade that also was in grave condition.

So I took em home!!

Several weeks before this I had found a really funky base as well. But with no shade. Needless to say... I've had them both for at least 6 months. Which really.. in the whole realm of things.. they've come back to the top of the crafting list pretty darn quickly.

Here's the cotton twilling started. I'll have to add photos of the panels and how far I am tomorrow. I've never done this before.. I feel I'm going a little blind. But it's fun!!!!

Off to party and enjoy and chocolate banana BLISS cheezecake.. yum yum yum.

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