Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Coffee and Sparkles

Ahhhh Goooood morning world.

Nothing beats a chilly morning more than a beautifully made hot steamy latte.

I love the people at Habit They make artful and tasty drinks.
Let's take a moment to thank the people who fuel our brains for the early hours of work..

Thank you caffeine employees. We salute you.

This morning I walked to downtown, grabbed my lovely beverage and headed to Satin Moon. This morning they were continuing a week long sale and "mini demonstrations". This morning Susan McGregor (one of my many artsy co-workers) was messing about with some products from a company called Jones Tones. Now I'll be honest.. This sort of stuff NEVER EVER in a billion galactic years held my interest until today. Today I had an art revelation. This is cool stuff and it's been sitting on the shelves in front of me ALL THESE MONTHS!

If you're not aware of who I am.. I can be compulsive.. and although I promised myself today I would clear out the last 4 yards of fabric sitting in my cubey hole.. I bought something new and shiny instead.

This is my journey.

Recently I've dug up a bunch of old photo emulsion screens my and my friend P used to use, which I've then been messing about with and seeing how they work. I screened the fly in gold onto this deep purple jersey fabric.

This is what I needed:

Bo-nash fusible powder
Jones Tones Foil
Parchment paper

This is one of the products I bought. It's called 007 Bo-nash fusible powder. It's about 16 bucks for a container of it. ( worth every frickin penny)

So you scatter the powder where you want.. you can use a toothbrush or a paintbrush if you want to put in patterns or "guide" it.

Put your parchment paper over the powder and give it a a quick iron. Maybe.. 15 seconds??

Lift the paper and you'll notice the flakes have "melted" a little bit. Put the foil on top.. shiny side up..this is really important.

Put the parment paper on again OVERTOP the foil and give it another quick iron. Let er cool for about a minute.. and take off the foil


shiny glittery goodness me!

There's this fusible glue stuff too.. I haven't properly tried it out.. but we'll see how it goes.

But for now.. I'm going to enjoy my new shiny scarf. I'm told it's washable and everything. How cool is that?

Off to poi class in the freezing cold I am.. Oh yay.


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. that fusable powder stuff is interesting, will it work with anything?

  3. It will work with fabric for sure, what were you thinking of using it for?
    Do you want the shiny? Because there is a glue by Jones tones that you can use on anything and then transfer the foil onto as well.

  4. hmmm, not thinkin anything specific, when i see summink new my mind tends to wander :)

  5. Yeah, that's exactly what happened to me and how I ended up with the stuff.

    Gail Hunter who is a quilt artist uses it in a really unique way, she produces her own.. same stuff different brand.. you can see that here

    You can also use this crazy awesome glue which you can apply to ANY thing.. wood, plastic.. blah blah.. and it's like a 3D ... think drawing with a glue gun.. then you can take the foil once it dries and rub the foil on.

  6. gail hunter? isn't her book a collectors item?

  7. i dunno, its what she said at the beginning of the vid, i just found it funny...it's ok, i know im odd ;)

  8. LOVIN' that scarf and the bee image!