Friday, 12 March 2010

Egg decorating.. modern style

Craft Army was another successful night. We had 8 of us all together.. 4 dropped at the last moment, 2 due to papers (same class), one had to drop everything and help her sick land lady and one got diagnoised with whooping cough!!
However I think there is enough demand to organize a second Ukrainian Egg decorating night before Easter.
I had to finish mine once I got home since I found myself floating around staring at everyone elses. There was a surprising number of broken eggs falling everywhere and it was alot of lessons learned as usual to teaching people.
I got home and had another brain storm and hit the eggs so to speak and cranked out another before the next night fall.

Again.. I'm totally amazing how people make these with steady surgeon hands and sell them for so little! It's so much effort!

AND the methods.. you can make the egg and then cover all the bits you want (including the black) and then dip it into bleach.

On other crafty notes I recieved my Naked Knitting Calendar from my friend Lisa. I so badly wanted to be in this calendar, but sadly I left England before I got a chance to book a shoot.

damn.. oh well. I can put my lovely knitting ladies on my wall and admire them for all their amazing work and pursiverence. My heart just sings with pride and joy.. and sadness.
To catch you up I was part of an amazing knitting group in England, The founder Sarah died last year after a short battle with breast cancer.. it happened very fast. Lisa, who was one of her best friends and a dear dear friend of mine decided to move forward an idea and create this calendar to raise money for the hospital that treated Sarah during her journey. Sarah would had loved to had seen her girls do this for her.

I hadn't seen all the photos until now and almost cried when I saw Jackie wrapped up in a pink blanket... Big Pink.. Sarah's blanket she used during her treatment.
we all knitted a few pink sqaures for that inlcuding me! I MISS MY KNITTING NORAS!!!

Oh I also recieved my first package from a Swap-bot swap. It was a nice and simple one for tea. I sent mine off to someone today down in Clearwater. I hope she likes it! My mother now wants to join.

Last night me and my best friend got all dolled up for a night out on the town.

and I had hot shoes on.

Off for a cuppa.

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