Monday, 8 March 2010

Eggs, doll and automobiles.

The Doll ladies were in today! And I had my head poked around the corner seeing what they were working on.. and it looked like their creations were at the beginnings. AND THEN.. Jeannine walked out with this amazing sparkling blue wonder and I'm left speechless and running for my camera.

Jeannine was kind enough to let me get some good shots of the doll and I had the chance via email to ask her a few questions about her own journey in the doll making world.
I had so many questions, how long did it take, how long have you been doing this? Where did you get inspired for this amazing doll??

She wrote:
"I’ve been making dolls since 1997 that would be 13years.
Everyone wants to know how long it takes to make a doll, well it depends some people can make a doll in a day, I’m not one of them. I always have several projects on the go so it’s difficult to say how long it takes for one doll and I work at one speed, This doll pattern is from a class that I took from Pam Grose a few years ago. I reduced the pattern and did some changes, the costuming is all my own design. It sometimes takes a while to figure out what kind of costuming will suit the doll."

It's safe to say she got the costume to fit the doll just right. The details leave you gasping. She's got it dialed right down to the tiny beaded shoes and rings on her fingers.

even her eyes.. made of glass.. and the eyelashes!!! WOW!!!!

If you're reading this Jeannine you are amazing!

Tonight I wrote a quick card and sent my package off to my Swap buddy. God I hope she likes it. Cost a fortune to ship! I should had taken a road trip to Lethbridge!

Before I went out I threw my egg into the last batch of dye. There are a few questions which I think I'll take back to the Ukrainian Cultural center and bug them about. When do you do the green? Before the orange and after the red? Or after the red?? because it can't go green than red right??

It's not perfect.. but I learned alot just doing this one. Tomorrow I'll buy some more eggs and wednesday is the big day!! wahooo!!

Oh I forgot! Jeannie asked if I could come up with a name!! Talk about pressure... I'm thinking.. something las vegas.. something sparkly.. bubbles... shiny...sweet..

Blue Candi Champagne.. or something... what do you think? Oh and the automobiles in the post title?? I had a moment tonight where I couldn't get my freakin key to move in the ignition.. and I nearly had a full on melt down.. why? Because I wanted to finish my egg before I went to bed tonight. Godforbid any interruptions. It all worked out though.

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