Monday, 22 March 2010

Happy Mondays of colour and bliss

I just have to share this awesome photo of my boyfriend.. all dressed up. How cool is he? I'm jealous.. I want to be on stilts in an Elvis costume.. Somehow I don't think it would fly. I recently bought sunglasses that would have gone PERFECT with this costume too....Maybe that's why I bought them.

Most Mondays feel tiring.. for me it is near the end of the week and every Tuesday night when I go teach my poi class I announce every class "Happy Friday to me".. so monday.. nearly there.

I kinda like mondays since its my return from my days off from one job and switch to my fabric job. Today I got to work and found a MOUNTAIN of likkle lovely notes from everyone saying this that and the other.. and can you order some of this.. and that.. an the other.

ONE box I opened had shiny SPARKLY thread in it that I just want to dive into.. but when.. and where I have no idea.. I just want it. Like a magpie.

And also.. some badass fabric.. I want the whole freaking role.. I dunno what I'll do with it.. I just.. want it..My boss said if I make something sample worthy that she can display in the store ( IE apron or a bag) I can use it. Tomorrow I will mill over the patterns and decide if I can decide.

After work I went in search of some tissue paper.. and found this

Oh yes

it is..

a TEA CUP NIGHT LIGHT?!?!??!?! How wicked is that??

Then I had left over Reef dinner from last night in the fridge. Do mondays get any better??

So yeah.. hey YOU .. Happy Monday

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  1. Hey gorgeous girlie - back at ya! All looking AMAZING. I've been quiet suffering from Winter Blues in the extreme - so apologies. But loving you and missing you. Lx