Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Messing about in my kitchen...

I live in a pretty darn small apartment. My parents recently built a new garage.. After crunching some numbers it turns out that their garage has a larger square footage than my apartment. My mother has tried a few times that he doesn't need those old dusty tools and how well a long arm quilting machine would fit in there.. and how lovely that new skylight would fill a quilting studio. I'm going to have to take her side.


Many moons ago I used to silk screen.. or rather photo emulsion. My best friend and I used to create "Goat Rodeo" Clothing. We would seek out used shirts.. cut them up.. re sew them and then screen them.

Where did we find the time? I do not know. total mystery.

for my birthday I got some monies from family members and trouped down to opus where I finally justified buying a tub of gold screening ink for 33 dollars (owch) and some black. Came up and dug around in my fabric pit and found some cheap jersey fabric and then dug up some old screens P had found and given to me.

I tried out a few... I think since they were so used and they are so old I should probably re do them.. but I had nonetheless and threw up a few of them on etsy. We'll see what happens. I more interested in having a play and getting them out there.

Tomorrow I'm going to try and get some screens prepped and ready. I'll try and take photos as I go along. It's alot more simple when I imagined when I started, but alot of work and a scary adventure if you haven't done it before. There was ALOT of trial and error when I started this stuff.

I'm pooped after poi class tonight.. and I have to sort out my doo-dats for craft army next week!! We're doing Ukrainian Easter Eggs!! I can't wait! Army is full for that function. It should be good.

Whooot woooooooooo

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