Wednesday, 17 March 2010

New Scarves!!

Been playing around again with my screens. Finding problems and trying to iron them out.
I've really been drawn to almost contraversal thoughts in the themes.. Unicorns and Jesus.. and Religion vs Science. Fact and myths seem to be a running theme lately. I've made a Virgin Mary and a Jesus on a crusifix screens which I'm totally in love with.

My colours are growing at about one a week.. I had a neon yellow which I bought a few days ago but it wasn't meant for covering dark colours. It's Permaset which is a more expensive line than Speedball but the company offers so many colours and some are meant for white shirts (ones with black caps) and some are meant for covering dark colours (white caps) and they also have metalic colours which is pretty darn cool.

A guy from was lovely enough to create the Mary one for me, and he'll make you stencils upon request, you can just give him any old picture and he is somewhat of a photo shop guru. If you got some cash, donate! This guy gives it ALL away for FREE FREE FREE. Personal or commercial use. How amazing? My hats off to you dude.

My day off has been spent looking at wedding reception places, wedding cake posibilities, and looking at windows at wedding dresses... there was alot between it all.. so I didn't actually get to try anything on. Currently trying to buy a used dress since it's an expensive year and all. Whatever.. it's all going to be ok no matter what right? I'd love to make my own but where am I going to find the time?? My lovely maid of honor has advised against me even making my own cake.. which as heart broken as I was.. she's right, the day or two before the wedding.. I'm probably not going to want to be dealing with bloody icing and sparkles!! Fair enough.

Ohh spring is coming.. and my lovely bleeding hearts are coming out in full force.. I love this plant so will move with me thinks....

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