Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sunday is scarf day

Good morning coffee... good morning breakfast.. a lovely cherry and hazelnut breakfast brownie.

Yes this is how everyones day should start..

Finally I managed to get some pictures of my new scarfs for etsy... this seems to be a learning process.

Originally I wanted to get a piece of green astro turf which is harder to get ahold of than one may think. Most places just short of laughed me out when I explained that I wanted some retro green turf. I even had a shop open its doors after they shut because I noticed they had some "turf" in their front window which they had no idea where it came from.. DAMN.

I made a new screen tonight with a gnome, mushroom, deer and hedgehog on it. I'm still struggling with the timing on the screens.. it's been so long since I've done it.. 5 years now? Maybe 4. Before I had it down to a T. Now I'm hovering wondering if I'm leaving it too long or not long enough. The next one I should get done well.

I'm pretty excited and have loads of ideas.. but as usual not enough time.

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