Monday, 26 April 2010

Cup cakes and donuts.. felt??

There's been cupcakes on the mind with me and a friend recently so we made a date to make them.. but not the ones you eat.

She loves cupcakes.. and has them everywhere in the house...and I bought a few for inspiration.. of course.. it's like.. life drawing.. but with cupcakes.. right?


Felted cupcakes ? How the heck do you make them? Although I still haven't solidified a pattern it was great fun making them. My friend and I sat around her kitchen last night with loads of felt, glue, thread and ideas. We managed a few between the two of us and I was pretty proud.

the first one...

the second one....

She managed to felt the cherry on top.

("anything in these quotes"-read a vocal not-so-much tone)

I made a "strawberry"... but since it didn't look like once I hucked it.. so my friend tried.. and she had the same problem. So she changed the "leaves" and it kinda looked like a scared heart. Which we both agreed was tres chic.. but not what we wanted.

I also made a donut. SUPER simple although I got a little lost for colours for sprinkles.. so I had her pull out her sprinkle supply to help me.

I ordered a tea pot and tea cup pattern of etsy today from Ume. She makes amazing stuff. I got the tea cup done tonight.. I messed it up a little bit. Gives me ideas how to construct one which is fantastic. I'll try out the tea pot and the tea cup again when I get some more felt.

Feltastic!! Whoooot.


  1. love love love your cupcakes. meghan at is looking for the perfect cupcake right now. i know yours aren't edible but i have a feeling she'd love to see yours!

  2. DUDE I want one. So awesomenicity.

  3. They're great!

    (DanielleJess Swap-Bot)

  4. Hi im fii from swapbot and im now your follower:)
    I quickly browsed trough your blog and I love it. Looking froward to read more from you :)