Thursday, 29 April 2010

Felties book review and more felt.. surprise!!

Well something shiny has caught my eye if you haven't noticed. FELT! It's totally on the brain. Last month I brought in the book "Felties" by Nelly Pailloux. When I saw the cover I could barely contain myself but to break out in typical girly squels of "AWWWWWW". Needless to say I've brought it into Satin Moon and we can't keep it on the shelves.

The book is really well laid out with easy instructions and patterns and they are really easy and fun to make. The imagination that Nelly has shown is tremendous and with each page flip you just find yourself winding up into a a felted frenzy. If you like the cover you'll love the book.

One of the latest "victims" brought in her creations from the book this week.

I myself have been in a felting haze making cupcakes, donuts.. tea cups cookies and more this week... they are just far too fun.

Oh I also spotted my first bumble bee.. spring if officially here.. in my head anyways.

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