Friday, 16 April 2010

Happy friday!!

Ahhh fridays.. always blissful.. Literally because it's my first shift of the week at Cafe Bliss.

This week I got to come to work and give my lovely co-worker his gift he has commisioned me to make.. a chefs shirt! He brought me a shirt that he loved made out of some fancy hemp weave and some fancy tucks.. I advised I could make something simple.

This was my second attempt of making a pattern from a piece of clothing.. was a little of challenge because of the "chinese like" collar... however. I am please with the results..

B.. my lovely model and chef.

The weather has finally turned nice again and I decided to walk to work which is a 4km walk. I listened to my Craftpod and House music podcast which takes about an 50 min talk to work. On the way today.. I found something I felt should be included on my 5 senses friday.

Seeing...well... this.. it just made me laugh.

yes it is a paper bag.. nailed to a telephone pole.. wtf? Funny.


A burn.. this week I held craft army where we made record bowls, rings and file folders. However.. I burned myself in the process. It was a delicate reminder how sensative the skin is.

There were ALOT of record bowls.. 40ish made?? It was insane.

The sun on my face.. the last few weeks have been VERY stormy and bleh. This week I got some good ol fashion sunshine on my face.

Pesto hashbrowns from Mole.. it's enough to make one drool.

Motown classics off my ipod. Nothing makes the soul sing better than Motown music

Also here are a few more of the tsumami flowers I made this week...

happy friday folks.




  1. Cool stuff, I tell ya!
    Have seen those flowers called "kanzashi" but not tsunami . . is that your name for them?

  2. nope not my name for them. I call them rara flowers.

    Kanzashi are any hair accessories worn by Geishas. they make different head ordaments according to the season. There are many different Kanzashi's you can get made out of anything from shells to beads to fabrics

    Tsumami normally indicates flowers I think, but it's anything that is folded out of fabric.. leaves stems.. etc.

  3. I LOVE those record bowls. Thanks for stopping by my blog this week!

  4. Hey Michele ! Thanks for checking out mine :)

  5. thanks for following my blog through swap-bot. am so glad that i get to check your blog out as well. happy day!

  6. I need one of those flowers for my hair, a record bowl and a record note book!
    You are talented lady!
    Will totally be back for more
    much love Jorden x x x
    aka mrswhiffin on swapbot

  7. wow how creative! i've always wanted to make those tsunami flowers - thanks for the tut! this has got to be my fave blog so far! definitely following :)
    - memtree from swapbot