Friday, 30 April 2010

Just in time for Etsy.. not

Reflecting on my diary I realized that today is my etsy showcase... and I have like.. a bunch of scarves I wanted to make. So if anyone is looking at my shop.. all these scarves SHOULD be up there.. however.. things don't always go according to plan..Tonight was no exception.

8pm: Off to the craft cave

830pm: A new screen is laid out and set to exposure time, mean while mad cutting occurs on the table of meters and meters of jersey

915pm: Screen is done, scrubbed and dried. New screen is placed under light.. timer set. Inking begins...

10pm: Second screen scrubbed and dried.. mad muttering of ink and lack of chocolate in house.

10:05pm: boyfriends special chocolate stash is raided

10:07pm: Sugar rush occurs

1015pm: Feeling thirsty goes to cellar to observe beverages.. decides on diet... since the caramel egg seemed rather indulgent..a girl has to cut her calories somewhere right?

1030pm: Screening continues

1245am: Screening stops.. ink and spoons, dirty towels and scarves everywhere. Picture area is prepped and lights are moved.

1am: First picture is taken of the chaos.

1:01am: Camera give the electronic bleep which at this time sounds like a mechanical "fuck you" and dies.

1:02am: Melt down

1:10am: Second caramel egg is consumed and a blog seems appropriate... acceptance sets in. Whatever. I can do this again. Got some scarves at least right?


Five senses weekly reflection:

The sounds of lawn mowers.. makes me think of summer.. right around the corner.

Lavender after making homemade bath bombs

The sun beating down on my face. The lake is only a few weeks away... so is that swimsuit and my lily white legs.

My self in a bunny suit. I think I experience my inner 5 year old again.. where was this thing when I was a kid? My kids WILL have bunny suits.

Peanut butter chocolate cupcakes... these never get old.

Well.. off to bed and a good nights rest... Happy monday to me.

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