Saturday, 10 April 2010

New Scarfs and Record bowls

Hey looks new hair!!! Red and fun!! My mother isn't impressed ( big surprise ) and my Father rolled his eyes. Nearly 30 and I still get slack... I have a feeling it'll never go away. Ahh well. Makes me feel loved in some weird strange way.

Well I finally made a record bowl!! I went to the Salvation Army this morning and purchased a few old records.. came home.. and made a record bowl. It's kinda funny because it seems like ones of those crafts that EVERYONE does.. I mean.. anyone who is crafty.. and if you haven't done one.. well ya just aint crafty enough.

Anyways I got my notch sorted out in the record bowl area.

Today.. tomorrow.. sometime in the next 24 hours I have my first Etsy showcase.. now I don't really know what this is about to be honest. I just thought it seemed like a good idea. I dunno if it's 24 hours or how this will work.. and if it'll even bring alot of traffic to my shop. but we'll see.

Please check out my latest makes. It's been messy and very fun.

Muchose love and happy weekend!!


  1. holy crap! there's entry qualifications now? *runs off to steal his parents original beatles LPs and shove them in the microwave*

  2. I'm a good bit older than you and my parents still give me crap over my hair. You'd think they'd be used to it by now=)

  3. lol @ Bumpo. Doesn't it feel like there are certain things you should have done in your crafty career in order to call yourself crafty?

    Laurel.. that's good to hear.. tattoos and hairdye will never be cool with them I suppose.. meh.

  4. sounds like a crafty cub scouts "i've got my sewing a plushie and make a model from a soda can badges but i still need to earn my vinyl record into a bowl badge"

    oh and the hair looks cool :)

  5. Sorry IT never goes away ! lol 43 and just got some fushia in my hair... Oh boy... Got it all : rolling eyes, sighs, ... lol
    Nice discovering your blog, lulubiz from swapbot

  6. @bumpo It feels like there are those "badges" Like have you done paper mache.. or have you done a tissue thingy with the pencil to make.. a picture poofy... erm. nevermind

    but ya know what I mean.

    Touchatou Hiya! Thanks for finding me! I'll go snoop on yours now. ;)

  7. i can honestly say i haven't a clue what you're on about :P whats the tissue thing with a pencil? i'm clearly missing out!

  8. Ya know when you wrap the tissue around a pencil and dip it into glue and then glue it to the paper..

    like this

  9. ohhhh, vaguely remember doing that as a nipper