Thursday, 8 April 2010

Oh what a busy week it's been! Is there such thing as a quiet week in my life? Hardly the case. I would love to have nothing to do for a few days.. Just a book.. hot tea and a nice soak in the tub.

My days off this week have been busy doing all sorts of things.. I finally finished my bag.

It's from a Amy Butler Patterns called the Sophia Carry all bag. It's a fairly easy pattern. I would recommend it. piping is a little tricky to sew and I've encountered minor fabric problems the two times I've made this.

I'm doing a swap with Swap bot this week and I think I might make one of these for my partner or possibly another one for kicks and giggles. We'll see what my swapper likes.

There's been plenty of movement on the wedding front. This week I got the deposit for the cake sorted out (and a free banana split cupcake as well!!) and I had an appointment with the Priest and arranged times and dates with him today. I'm SUPER excited!!! We even have the bell ringers coming out. Christ church Cathedral is beautiful and has several bells in the tower which are rung a few times a week. They are difficult to play and they practice for special "rings".

Coley and I have also decided to splurge on the dove release... actually they're white pigeons.. which is very fitting seeing as we've nursed several of them back to health in the past. It's a bit of a inside joke for the two of us.. but I think this would be a lovely way to end the service and have high hope for it.

I started messing about the decor ideas. One of them I got from Martha Stewarts Wedding websites is a butterfly template that goes on the edge of your wine glass. I got a few different types of paper from Michaels this week and cut out stencils.. and fell in love.. this is totally going to be awesome. WHOOT.

So Happy friday 5 senses..


The rain throwing itself against my window as I am all cozied up in bed

Turkey and Ham roasting in the oven for Easter

Mom's famous trifle

Tree branches whizzing by my head in the storm.. this is the stuff that makes you feel alive.

Black linen fabric and making it into a beautiful chefs jacket

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