Friday, 2 April 2010

Dungeon and Dragon Baby Dice...?!?!?!?

Ok I've taken a moment to come and breath... it's been a very inspirational week and the last few days off I REALLY haven't done a whole lot.. and it's been FABULOUS.

No cleaning.. just crafting.

I finally finished off the "test" shirt for my friend Bronson at work.

One pair of yoga pants from a T-shirt for some random customer who I like at work

Started one set of Dungeon and Dragon plushie children dice....

Yes.. D&D children plushie Dice.
If you're not familiar with the set ( like I wasn't this is what they look like)

And so far.. this is what I've come up with. I did finish the 10 sided die this afternoon but failed to get a photo of it. It's bigger than I want it.. but.. meh whatever right?

The 20 sided one I think is going to be a challenge, it's hard to come up with the correct sizes. I tried measuring the die and then coming up with a pattern from that.. but to be honest.. converting mm to inches is hard. so I've been eye balling it. I cut out a test 20 sided die tonight and tried sewing half of it.. it's hard.. it's like a complicated quilt square.

Managed to get my friend hyperlights to my poi class on Tuesday and let the students have a play with them. I love watching their reactions and enjoy their joy with the them. This week was the final class of level 6 and I had 7 students "graduate". It's been a very amazing learning experience for me. Level 4 starts again next week.

So it's five senses Friday.. let's see.

Cookies fresh from the oven

The sounds of birds at 6am in the morning.. greeting my out of my sleepy realm

My husband to be and doggie on skype. It was lovely to see them on video. I miss them both so much

Americian Cream perfume from Lush. OMG I want to EAT and bath myself in it.. which I can luckily.. well not eat it...

I've been reading Charles Dickens "Great expectations" this week.. the book my father acquired at some sale is over 150 years old.. reading and holding this book is amazing


  1. what do you use to take the long exposure pics? yes i realise its a camera...:P

  2. LOL!!!!

    FujiFilm finepix, shutter is on 1.3 seconds. Aint it beautiful?

  3. they're amazing! i've been lookin to get a camera to try things like this and i was lookin at fujifilm finepix, just tryin to work out how much i need to spend

  4. A good few hundred will get you a very nice camera indeed. I think most cameras you get what you pay for.