Friday, 23 April 2010

Project Dungeon and Dragon dice DONE!

Oh lordy lordy lou it is true I have finished this feat! It has been a crazy journey.. sometimes driving me slightly mad but tonight I finished the last of the dice. I was asked to make a set for someones niece who is under a year.. and instead of regular dice they wanted plushy baby dice. Why not? I figured I was up for the challenge.

The most difficult things:

Gauging size of each di to di
Figuring out how to construct them. I used the Dice collectors webpage to help.

I printed the "guide" and used that whilst constructing.

Next up? Try and finish the many shirts of dad would be good..I have a bag for a swap-bot.. than that texas lamp.. then maybe something for me? Oh and the next door neighbours had a baby.... and then... and then.... and then.....

Happy 5 senses Friday...Things for me to reflect on.

Smelling: the lilacs from my co-workers garden at work.. They were soo sweet. I simply LOVE that smell.

Warm Chana salad from The Reef

Wet paper and fabric under my fingers on the fiber divas workshop this week

Drums and music floating from Centennial Square

The final product of those dice... it is satisfying to see them done!!


  1. Love the idea of 5 Senses Friday! Happy weekend to you!

  2. Cool di! They do look complicated to make

  3. So cute! this is such a great idea!

    thegreengriffin from swap-bot

  4. Thank you!! I'm so glad they are done!!! Phew.