Thursday, 22 April 2010

Silly easy things...

Hello spring... allergies.. and dandy lions. Play toy to children, lawn pain-in-the-ass to adults. Delicate and beautiful though.. eh?

This week has been full of birthdays and work. My boss at Satin Moon is off to Quilt Canada in Calgary this week.. I am so jealous. How awesome would that be? Cursed money!

However it's the little things that are fun.

did you know... you can make microwavable popcorn without buying it at the store? My best friend has gone off dairy for health reasons and I.. well a girl has to cut the calories where she can right? (super sized fries and a diet coke)

Anyways back to the pop corn. Grab a paper bag. I only had a wine bag lying about (tee heh) cut it down a little because it seemed really long at the time.

I used 1/3 cup of pop corn.

DO NOT use any metal. These "staple-less" staplers are available at most stationary stores or places which they are "hip" and "eco-green". That's where I got mine. Right in china town.
They are tres cool and I use mine more than I thought I would cuz I am "hip" and "eco-green" I don't use staples AND I re use wine bags!!! comeon! Really..

anyways throw kernels into bag and hit your pop corn button or "cook" until it's finished popping..

and tadaa Good old fashioned pop corn like mom used to make... but in the microwave.

Also in my kitchen I decided my bulletin board needs a make over so I started de-papering it and figured the fridge is a good place to put my old cards I can't throw away.

so I took my cards

slapped on some sticky sided magnet

and now I have a nice full fridge of goodness.. and one cleaned up bulletin board.. which I will attack some time in the next few weeks with winecorks me thinks.

So a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to make a lamp out of an a Texas bottle.. now I couldn't remember what they were.. rung a bell.. so she went ahead and sent me a picture.. OMG.. this is huge..and this is going to be one amazing lamp!

Stay tuned!


  1. gonna try that popcorn idea! i might try to add some seasoned salt to the mix and see if the kernels absorb them while pop pop popping...

  2. Yeah it will totally work. Apparently that's all the company does :)

    Never again will we find ourselves RACING to the grocery store. AND.. it's way way way cheaper.

  3. Making Lamps from different things is what I would like to try myself. Teresa from Swap Bot.(creationsbytee)