Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Tutorial: Not knitted but sewn blue beauty scarf.

On my etsy I have a few scarves that I've been playing with over the last several months. It's a technique I've seen the results of and have been trying to copy.

Recently on swap-bot I signed up for a scarf swap.. it was a few days before the deadline when I realized it was supposed to be a knitted scarf kind of a swap. To which I realized.. I don't 1) knit very well 2) crochet very well 3) want to spend time learning it in the next month

So I emailed the coordinator and explained about these scarves that I do.. to which she said it was fine.. as long as they are made out of yarn


Here's a little tutorial/story of how the scarf came to be.

So I went to the yarn shop yesterday and bought some beautiful yarn by Fleece Artist.

Went back to the Satin Moon and pulled out some Angelina fiber.. this stuff is crazy beautiful. I don't fully understand what it is.. but you can use it for all kinds of fiber art. You can even iron it and it fuses together. you can make beads out of it.. spin it into yarn.

Then picked out some Valdani variegated thread to match. So pleased before I even have begun the process.

I'm using a product called "sew and wash" There are other products similar. Mostly used for Quilting these are water soluble stabilizers. I bought 2 meters of it.

First I laid down little bits of the Angelina Fibers then added layers of the yarn.

I did layers side to side, then length ways alternating between the two fibers and splashing some Angelina where I felt appropriate.
Did this until there were several layers thick. This took some time. Enjoy the process!

Then I folded the stabilizer in half

I put my free motion foot on and lowered the feed dogs ( I normally forget that bit.. la la la)

And then started sewing random shapes in leaves and stuff.

This is what it looks like when I was done.

Fill up a bath tub or sink with warm water.

Notice how the dog won't even come when she's called.. running water.. bathtub.. no thanks apparently....

soak until the "gummy"ness of the stablizer is gone.

Hang to dry!! Ta-da!!

This one turned out super fiber artsy and I'm super scared my swapper won't like it.. I like it.. but I'll show her this post before I send it in case it's too " out there" for her.

Cheers guys.


  1. If she doesn't like it I know someone who does (memememe)=)It's all kinds of gorgeous!

  2. gotta admit i was thinkin what the hell is she doin? but thats kinda badass ;)

  3. Sarah! I love this scarf!!! I want to make this sometime!

  4. Oh good. thanks guys.. I actually breathed a sigh of relief.I haven't heard back from her yet.. but we'll see..Laurel.. first come first served baby. it's yours for the taking if she says no.

  5. OK, I am seriously LOVING everything about this blog! LOVE the scarf! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! And your hair is KICKIN'! Who cares what parents think! (I'm almost 33).

    This is surely to become one of my favorite reads! Keep it up!

    GoingTwinsane from Swap-bot now following...

  6. I think your scarf is awesome! I would love to receive it through a swap! Different and Unique! Never seen a process like it.