Monday, 19 April 2010

What to do with your left over records..

As you may know I had craft army last week and after returning home had a few left over records to use up. I finally got around to making a record book. Although I am not UBER pleased with it.. I'm pretty pleased with it.

This was the record in question:

and this was my dollar fifty book from Michael's

first I measured the dimensions of the book.

Then traced that onto the record. (make sure that when you're drawing the dimensions ON the record they are a little bigger than the book.. you don't want book overlapping the record....right?

Heat the oven to 200C or about 400F

Place that record of yours into the oven

Wait about 5 minutes until it gets flopping.. and pull it out and as quick as possible cut out your desired shape.

This is as far as I got the first time round... and then I placed it back in the oven to "melt" flat.

Get your glue gun hot and ready and glue the book and place the record on. I added a glittery stencil thing I also found at Michael's.

some girl told me she paid 40 bucks for a record book in town!!! Mine.. 3 dollars and f'ty cents.. BOOya baby.

I even had left over bits from this project.. and they were curled kinda like a baseball cap rim.. oh ideas ideas.


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