Sunday, 9 May 2010

baby pangs and fings..

Wild crazy hormones are at work. Maybe it's wedding bells.. maybe it's my maternal tick tock clock.. but damn I got baby fever.
Looking around my apartment today I noticed the baby quilts, clothes, patterns and fabrics I have been hording.

I also found myself thinking of things.. and making additions to go WITH the quilt. And every baby needs an ABC 123 cube? Maybe I've been listening to too much Motown and Jackson 5 or something .. but it had to be done.

Baby cubes and owls!! Owls are in right now right? How adorable! It was a total.. random thing.

I was just doodeling on paper whislt watching tv..

and then.. it came to life.. within an hour.. one of those craft zombie like projects where you sew and time just passes you by.

I even put a tail on him.. not really owl like... but cute enough. She's a baby.. what will she know??

Ok.. must sleep now.

Craft on ... craft on...


  1. 'She's a baby.. what will she know??'
    hahaha, i use that all the time when makin stuff for my niece and nephew

  2. hilarious post! love that you channelled your baby fever into these gorgeous creations!

  3. terribly cute. It's so much fun to make baby stuff!