Thursday, 13 May 2010

Bath bomb party!

Crazy week. Very busy.. I thought it was going to be quiet and even my days off have been go go go.. bah.
Last night though was very fun. It was the monthly Craft Army meet up and we had a blast making bath bombs. As you can see there were certainly lots to be made and I still have loads to make more!

There were all sorts made.. more than I can list....but here are a few....

Blue lemongrass sparkles

Bubble gum bomb with a plastic surprise in it...

Chocolate/Lavender Yin Yang Bomb

Rose with petals (satsuma to the left of it..)

Lemongrass with blueberry seed!

I also finished a bag for my swap-bot. Now I'm done this one, ALL crafts are on hold until I catch up.. the follow must be completed before taking on ANYTHING else:

Dungeon and Dragons dice bag (nice and easy)

Laura's quilt ( I had to re-purpose her old blanket and replace the backing on it.. now it just needs yarn stippling)

Dad's shirts.. he has 2 that need the buttons finished and another 2 that need to be sewn up

Texas Mickey Lamp

Another cooks shirt for Bronson

Wine cork a) bathmat or b) bulletin board.. I haven't decided what to do with all the corks yet.. maybe I can do both???

My brothers star wars quilt

Here are pictures of the swap-bot bag that I can happily cross off the crafty to-do list.

I used a Simplicity Pattern 2381


  1. awesome looking bombs lady!! Def wanna get in on that for Oct / Nov pre Xmas! WOOHOO!

  2. Yes.. tree bombs? Santa bombs?? Elf bombs?? Oh this will be fun.

    Peppermint flavouring too!! I'm excited.