Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Union Jack quilt pattern

UPDATE: I actually made on that works.. click here...

I want to make this quilt.. but I can't find a pattern for it.

My fiance is English... I lived there for a few years.. and I love the Union Jack.

I also love the idea of a Quilt of these.

A few years ago I machine sewed into plain blocks the union jack.

You can see it here.

Once upon a time I had a Union Jack umbrella.. which I mistakenly brought to Ireland.. which I further mistakenly opened up on a rainy day which was then taken off of me by some irish boys. Which I then yelled at that I needed an umbrella so they proceeded to hand me some euros and told me to buy a new one. They were actually quite nice about it and it was a rather humorous moment of my life. Educational as well. Union Jacks in Ireland- is a no-no.

Anyways... this isn't perfect..I might try paper foundation..

ALWAYS wash your fabric, notice the bleed from the red?? Damn it!

I love the colours.

Once I get it sorted I will be sharing it.. if I can explain it :)


  1. Ah I love union flag designs (it's only a Jack when it's on a ship=p). Am planning to make some cushions using it=)

  2. hahaha, i bet the irish loved that! on a brolly too

  3. Laurel can't wait to see the pics. Oh btw that lady took the scarf in the end. However I still have leftovers and do intend on making you one! Just because :)

    Bumpo- Yeah. Loved it.. not so much. They threw it in the trash. The kicker was, my friend had an irish umbrella on her. I was the bad ass.

  4. Oooh thank you *excited*
    When I make the cushions it'll probably be applique rather than quilted, much easier (esp for a lazy moo like me lol)

  5. lol, great story Sarah! Not sure if you know that the Irish don't like the British, there seems to be some sort of histroy there? The Quilt is great! You can make me one any time!


  6. Yeah... I got the down low later that week. :)

  7. Sarah, thanks for the comment on my blog. I like your colour combination. I agree with the comment of no union jacks in Ireland!!!! So where did you find your pattern in the end, was it paper piecing? would love to see a quilt made with union jacks, its just so time consuming and I am not the most patient person in the world.

  8. I found a pattern with Busy Bee creations. It's REALLY simplified. I am still stashing fabric for it.. I can't wait! It's not paper piecing at all which the genius thing. The stripes on either side of the diagonal stripe aren't two different sizes in the pattern.. but this I'm thinking could be adjusted...