Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Texas Mickey lamp fini!

So my life recently has been a jumble of madness and I haven't had the heart to do anything but mope lately. However this past week my crafty spirit has come around again and I've been busy busy busy.

Many things are in the makes. My vision for a baby punk toys is starting in it's baby stages after falling in love with toys I made my neighbors.

My inspiration board is filling up with all kinds of things, and one thing I got to take off my crafty TODO.. Remember that Texas Mickey???

Well here it is!! In it's final state! Drilled, wired, fringed and plugged in.

I got to take it to my friends house and give it to her daughter tonight who hit the ceiling in screams and "OHMYGODS" Always pleasing to get a good reaction like that.

If you don't know how big these bottles are.. here's a normal wine bottle in comparison.

I'm happy to say my dog arrived safely and well after his long plane ride from England. He is well and adjusted and happily waggy his tail at local doggies and sniffing his new territory. We decided not to sedate him as apparently things can go wrong. He was quite stressed when I got him out of the box, but within half an hour he was curled up tail thudding happily curled up and blissed out like me with our reunion.

Nothing much has changed in the last year since I've seen him. He destroyed his new squeky promptly on arrival. I forgot...this dog needs a weekly toy budget/ration

Another project done and done is the Dungeon and Dragon baby plush dice. I managed to take an image from my friend and print it onto some printable fabric then iron it onto a bag I made to hold all the dice.

Here they are all lined up!! So happy and colourful!! Perfect for a geek to be. She will be recieving this later this month for her one year birthday!!

Much more to post.. but for now.. rest and relax.

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  1. love what you can do with iron ons these days!