Saturday, 23 October 2010

Emotional Craft Binger

Today alot of things went very very very wrong. It's one of those days where you just go "Cheebus Sarah.. it would ONLY happen to you"


so what did I do? Did I eat my face full of chocolate? Did I eat an entire large pizza? Did a whole container of Hagen Daz go missing?

No. Because they weren't in my house. I almost MADE pizza.. but I op out and made soup!! I have never made soup.. and I kinda sorta followed a recipe.

Veggie.. lentil spicy tomato Yum.. yes.. that what it is called. Good kick to it.

Normally I bake when I am emotionally upset. I've been fairly high strung this last month between school and work and no surprise I have become a MASTER of pies! I've been having a total BLAST making them. I even bought a new pie top cutter!

Apple pie tomorrow me thinks...

Did I mention my toothbrush rug is finished?

My dog loves it.. so do I. We hang out on it sometimes. Just the two of us.

I also made a tea cozy today.. well finished it today. It's too small for my teapot.. so I will donate it to my mother to donate to her church sale.

It's based off a post from CluckCluckSew. The fabric used was taffeta which I used a lighter to seal the edges. Next time I might use a pinking sheer edge. My strips were 1 inch wide and I used a soup bowl for my measurements.

Seriously so easy to make!

I will make another.. but bigger..and better.. and then make a pillow.. and then make another pillow... and then... BINGE CRAFTING!!!!

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