Saturday, 2 October 2010

Scrabble pendants.. sweetness

Finally another craft army happened. It's feels like it was only yesterday I was scrambling to get the bath bombs together.. how does this happen so slow yet so fast? Summer? Pffffft what summer? It's like october folks! I gotta get a grip here and neck some more Vitamin D.

Aaanyways.. It's been a busy few months and a crazy week. My ironing board and TV/sewing/dining table has sat in the same state for the past few weeks. The quilt blocks are starting to feel neglected me thinks.

I had the pleasure of gathering 12 of my crafty friends and taking over my work place the other night to try out scrabble, domino and glass tile pendants. If you haven't tried this easy but fun craft-bit you simply must try. Several of the girls stopped by/email/facedbook'd me to find out the resin the day after. Christmas is LESS then 90 days away.. yikes! Suddenly all my fall gifts might be shifted to christmas gifts. hahaha. Oh well.

here's what Craft Army night looked like this month.

peace and scissors..


  1. Hey, I tried to do resin pendants, and found your great 'how-to'...everything was fantastic...until the resin ate through my modge podge glue,lifted the pictures and ruined them :( help???

  2. Yes the paper lifting seems to be common :(

    I have found using a really good glue to glue down your pictures works best and then use a resin on top.

    Also magazine paper and regular paper from the printer doesn't stand up as well as say.. good quality comic book paper and a good thick paper for your printer.

    We used a gloss photo paper I think.

  3. Sarah...i have now made over 200 of these EFFING things...i use a different resin though...acrylic - and b/c im making fridge magnets with them that is fine...they wont be getting banged around etc...thay come out as shiny as they did with whatever u were using and its much easier to deal with etc....
    Thank you for the class...I am obsessed now.