Monday, 15 November 2010

How you should pick your kitchen colours.

Ever tried picking colours for your kitchen? The past few months I've been collecting and humming and haa-ing over several different ideas and themes.

Yesterday I stayed up working on my snowball table cloth. I stayed up late and finished off the top and placed it on my table to admire.

How fun and bright is this?? Especially with my lovely flower.. which matches! YAY!

Now I originally made this really.. because I had made a tea cozy..

so I could put my tea cozy on and it would match.. which it does...

Then this morning I thought.. wait a sec.. I collect fiesta ware... which.. interesting enough... I have the similar colours. .. like.. REALLY similar colours...

even the orange!!!

I just LOVE LOVE this fabric..

Then when I looked around... I had other things that matched as well.. even my baking supplies!!

I can't believe how much it matches!!!!

Eek!! and if you remember my rug I made.. bright lovely colours too..

Things just kept coming up, and it's snowballed to the point where it all matches and I have my kitchen colours picked!! *pregnant pause* which actually started.. with a snowball... tablecloth...*insert groan*

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