Friday, 5 November 2010

Tornado Costume

Halloween was a whirlwind!! LITERALLY! There was a lot of last minute things that happened. I hadn't planned on going out.
but things change.. SO suddenly I found myself the eve before the party buying up foam, hitting up dollar stores and home sewing frenzy EVERYWHERE... and.. at about 11pm I tried to get into my "tornado" only to find.. it didn't really fit and I looked like some type of beached whale meets tin can.. and I threw it to the floor very very sad... useless waste of time..

However Bobo immediately found it and reminded me of two rules

1) no sewing or life decisions after 11pm
2) anything that hits the floor is his

Yes Bobo has yet ANOTHER bed.. my craftying seems to equal new and interesting things to lie on.

The next day I came home early since my party was in T minus 4 hours and there was stuff EVERYWHERE!

I used my dress and attached things I thought would get caught up in a storm like old people...

Street signs.. a horse...

Laundry hanging out to dry..

mechanic tools

Bits and pieces of China town..


I had a headband that had trees and more signs and "clouds" on it.

Super fun times! It was a hit!


  1. It came out ace! What a cool idea for a costume=)

  2. Thank you!! It wasn't what I originally wanted.. but I had a blast anyways!

    What were you guys?

  3. I love this costume!!! How did you do your hair?

  4. A lot of hairspray and backcombing!