Friday, 3 December 2010

Felted blood

Have you ever given blood? Its one of those things I have meant to do for years. This summer I even went in to investigate and they offered to take me right there. But I wimped out.
Last month a friend from high school put out a plea for donations. Three years ago this month her boyfriend got stabbed and he did survive, but not before using 31units of blood. That means 31 people had to roll up their sleeve and brave the needle so he could live. Captured by her story I let her book me in. I decided to make a few blood drop pins to give to the girls as a gift.

I've been readying this blog here recently and was inspired to give felt another go. Paper and String makes the most ADORABLE stuff... and why can't blood be adorable too I figure. It's been a while since I've worked with felt.. It's lovely to work with! I bought nice stuff.. not the cheap fabricland stuff. SUCH a difference.. like holy whoa.

Although I made it 3/4 through a blood pressure dropped and I didn't get to give a full unit, I will still go back.

How cute is my blood?


  1. your blood is WAY cute!!
    thank you for sharing the link with me...I have never given blood and think you are very brave
    sarah x

  2. I give blood every 3-4 months & LOVE your little bloods, I am going to try to make a few and while there I'll start by handing them out to the nurses! Great idea!!