Friday, 3 December 2010

Good bye sexy man hello elephants!!

Do you keep those tiny itty bitty pieces of your favorite fabric.. just in you have SO many of them they over flow several drawers and plastic bags..enough you could make a house cozy...And even though you don't use them you can't bear to throw them out?? Because you live with the false hope that ONE DAY you will.. oh yes you will find that one true project and you just happen to have that 10 inch square of that red fabric you've saved for 30 years for this day?? And finally you can show you friends and boyfriends that SEE... it did come in use.

Today I finally found a project to use those pieces of fabric..

The back story:

Several weeks ago I had to lay to rest my ironing board cover... which had some stud in a loin cloth..I have no idea where it came from, but I've never had a man hang around for so long.. and help with the ironing. But alas.. we had to part ways. Ironing board cover man was so dirty and old he had to go.

Tonight whilst my ACTUAL real life man was cooking up a meal, I stared at the state of what was left under my cover..

Hmmm.. evidence that the iron was put down for.... a tad too long perhaps.

Yikes. Big gaping holes....

I just snapped today... and just needed a cover.. like... yesterday. Cracked a beer and got to work.

I sewed bits of fabric together making sure it hung well over my ironing board by several inches. There were a few old blocks I used to cover large areas that were left overs from projects many many moons ago and some recent ones too.

used a 505 spray to hold it on and sewed around the edge where the tie was still in place on the old cover careful not to sew the rope that was in cased already.

cut off the excess fabric..

and threw on my cover!! Ta-da!!

I love it.. cute fabrics and all... Good bye hot study loin cloth man.. HELLO adorable elephants!!!

I love it! What's your ironing board look like? Any hot men on it?


  1. Unfortunately, it is covered in the same fabric as the swing set cushion outside. While you might think it was a case of not wasting fabric, I think my mother secretly wanted the ironing board and swing set to match. That way when she ironed outside, she could be fashionable.

    Sadly, the talent for sewing ended with her. But it still is a lovely ironing board cover!

  2. No naked men, or cute elephants for me. This cover is super cute and will match any decor!

    Deidreart on swapbot, end of the year blog comment swap