Thursday, 9 December 2010

Have you seen these yet?

I recently picked up the latest Quilting Arts magazine and totally fell in love with the houses on the front which actually act as an advent calendar with little numbered pockets on the back!!

They look really similar to those on one of my new favorite books called Scandinavian Stitches too...A simply MUST buy.

So I kinda morphed the two ideas to make adorable house ornaments.

I want to make more.. and more.. and more...

Too bad I have to study :(


  1. I just bought Scandinavian Stitches and am so excited to make these!

  2. I love them. Great idea. I'll start making them too :-) It's annoying I can't get these magazines over here :-) following you now :-)
    Mad About Pink (Jess)

  3. Adorable houses. That would be a great way to use up some scraps.

    swapbot - stampkrl

  4. These are soo cute! Amazing job!

    I am RyuLuna on swap-bot!
    Have a amazing Holidays!