Monday, 20 December 2010

What's your christmas costume?

I was working in an office in the UK for several years and every Christmas they would have a costume contest! Delightful! How strange! A chance to dress up and it's NOT halloween???AND a cash prize?!?! Oh yes please.

The first year I created a cardboard christmas tree costume.. but... with bells and whistles..

It had LED lights poked through and I had little speakers hooked up which blasted xmas music.

The feet were presents.. One from Darth Vader to Yoda..

here's a video a friend of mine took on her phone..
I am a christmas tree video

out of hundreds of people on site.. I WON!!!! yay!!

The following year ( and after winning the easter bonnet contest 2 years consecutively... I was getting a reputation now) I decided I had to out do myself..I had planned this next one a year in advance.

THEN disaster struck. My friends dad died suddenly and the day of the funeral was set for the same day of the costume contest. I announced to my section at work I wasn't participating and they would have to wait...Then the weirdest thing started to happen.. I was getting approached by the new recruits who had been told in TRAINING about the contest and me and my costumes!!! They came up to me and said it was too bad I wasn't entering..

THEN one girl TWO days before the contest comes huffing up.

" I heard you're not entering this time"

" No I have a funeral "

" SERIOUSLY?? You don't have anything to enter??"

" No, it's shame, I had a good idea but maybe next year"

" You don't understand...You have to enter, I have been working on my costume for weeks, YOU ARE the reason why I have been working so hard. I've heard about you and I have vowed to win'

Now I am sitting there thinking this is kinda crazy and disturbing, but I could tell the girl wanted to win the glory, the money and the chance to parade around the job site while getting paid and giving out candy to everyone showing off your awesomeness...I understood what it was like to want to PROVE you are more crafty. However.. I also felt I had some kinda.. crafty nemesis all of the sudden.

So.. I said "Ok... I'll make it and have my friend wear it in."

That night and the following night were like many nights that have come before. Paint, glue and scissors were flying all over the living room, and in true costume making fashion I had my annual melt down at 1am as I was convinced this wasn't going to work...

Sometime.. in the weee hours before the contest I finished.. and emerged as...


Complete with 20 LED's that flashed in the star.

I dropped it off on the way to the funeral and bit my lip wondering.. will people be insulted? Have I just crossed the religious line? Will I be walking back into scrutiny after this?

As I sipped on my beer at the funeral reception which was at the pub across the street from work two of my co-workers came flying through the door. I HAD WON !!!

It was very funny because the rumour that Sarah hadn't won this year was flying around.. until the guy I had wearing my costume had to admit it wasn't his. The girl who had approached me came in second dressed as a fruit cake!!! It was brilliant actually.

AND... the kicker? I also won one of the 5 christmas baskets full of food and wine... BOTH YEARS!!

Ahhh.... I was/am well loved.

I am now back in Canada and miss the excuse to dress up. Oh well.. Maybe next year.

Merry holidays guys!



    totally brilliant!

  2. you should dress up and wander around downtown. I saw the Grinch and Cindy Lu Hoo today, and you're tree costume would TOTALLY outdo them

  3. You're so funny!
    Awesome idea! I have a hard enough time trying to come up with Halloween costumes ... You're sew crafty!!!!

  4. @Camille I TOTALLY thought about dressing up as Cindy Lu hoo

    @AuntSpicy Yeah, that's the reaction I got from alot of people.. LOVE IT!

    @tara THANK YOU!

  5. What a truly creative idea! I love your imagination and how you went for it. This idea sounds great, just to dress up for the fun of it and throw the creative juices in. Happy to hear you won all consecutive years. Ana Goncalves from the End of year Blog Comment Swap on Swap-bot. Have a wonderful New Year.

  6. How fun! I'd never heard of Christmas costumes before - yours are great!

    Aimee (darzy30) - swapbot
    Kiwi's Blogger Follower Swap #3