Sunday, 28 February 2010


So I was up super late last night working furiously on my lampshade. There is glue everywhere and pieces of red fabric.. but I don't care.

I noticed I've got myself on a red kick lately. Red hair.. red lampshades.. I bought red shoes.. and red lipstick..

Anyways. One lampshade done and it's back to Dad's shirts this week. I have two more to do.. and one to fix. I can't WAIT to be done these shirts. They are alot of work and I find them very fidgety

I've decided to have a sale on my etsy. Money is needed for school this fall.. and well.. really... I just want a little more space and my pieces of craft to find some homes to live in.

PLEASE check out my etsy. I'm having a sale!!

Friday, 26 February 2010

Happy birfday to me!!!

That's it.. this is the final year.,, and I can officially say about the 20's.. been there done that.. got the wrinkles.

Last few days I've been bouncing in and out of the apartment. My latest project is some old lamp shade. My mom's friend was getting rid of old lamps.. and I find that good lamps are hard to come by..and I really liked the base of these.. One was in good condition... but the shade was tattered.. and then I found an extra lampshade that also was in grave condition.

So I took em home!!

Several weeks before this I had found a really funky base as well. But with no shade. Needless to say... I've had them both for at least 6 months. Which really.. in the whole realm of things.. they've come back to the top of the crafting list pretty darn quickly.

Here's the cotton twilling started. I'll have to add photos of the panels and how far I am tomorrow. I've never done this before.. I feel I'm going a little blind. But it's fun!!!!

Off to party and enjoy and chocolate banana BLISS cheezecake.. yum yum yum.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Liquor lamps.. how to tutorial

For Christmas last year one of my best friends Phaedra decided she wanted to make a wine bottle for her mom and a Johnny Walker bottle for her dad into lamps. I had seen this a long time ago and read something about it and was totally GAME for the adventure.

What do you need?

lamp cord with switch
light socket ( we used a candle lightbulb )
electrical tape
Glass drill bit MAKE sure it looks like this
lampshade (the one that clips onto the bulb)
masking tape
Saftey Glasses.. not a bad idea.
(optional) some fringe and hot glue gun

The drill bit is really important, we orginally used a tile/glass bit which the tip looked like this... CLICK HERE and although we did successfully drill through the bottle.. it took forever.. and was very easy to damage the bottle.

Any who...

TOP TIP!! --> Get a few bottles.. chances are if you haven't done this before.. like us.. you'll crack a few.

First clean your bottle.. get that boozey smell outta there

Get your drill bit ready. I recommend using a non-cordless drill. The first few bottles we tried we cracked I'm sure it was a 1:3 in favor of the busted bottles and we killed two batteries in half an hour. Yes.. TWO..

Mark your spot on your bottle with masking tape.
Make sure it's not too close to the bottle of the bottle as this could weaken the glass. Keep your drilling post cool with water running from a watering can or hose. This will prevent heat fractures from the drilling.

Keep a good steady pressure. But not to hard until you go through.

Get your cord and push it through your hole and up through the head of the bottle.

Next notice how there are two wires in a cord.. one has a smooth side

and the other has a bumpy side.

Look at your light socket, notice how there are two screws.. one is brass.. the other one silver. Bumpy goes to brass.

Put the wires through the bottle of the socket and line up the cord to the correct screw. Loosen the screw and curve the wire around the screw and tighten.

Wrap the socket in electrical tape if it is too big to sit in the mouth of the bottle. Wrap it so you can push it in and it will stay put. Next wrap the tape tightly over starting with the first bit wrapping around the mouth of the bottle and any exposed metal bits up to the top of the socket.

Insert bulb.. some fringe if you please.

and tadaaaaaa.. Lamp!

Monday, 22 February 2010

The doll ladies

Absolutely amazing doll making ladies come into my work on mondays when I'm at Satin Moon. They previously helped me with my felt doll project.
I walked into the backroom today and saw this...

Carefully handcrafted. I'm just floored how it came to life. The "pens" she found at Value Village for 4 dollars (BARGAIN) which TOTALLY brings this whole thing together. the amount of love and time that goes into these things is astounding..

The beak and the legs were done with a paper mache like substance and then sanded down then painted. They eyes are raised and brought to life through carefully placed stitches then painted. The dresses are designed for each doll. These are just too funny and cool. If I had another day a week.. I'd probably take this up.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

For the love of art.

Ever just.. practically burst because you're so happy? do you ever get like that from crafting?? I love people that are passionate about what they do. Yesterday I was starving at work.. (please note the lovely young man dancing in the background my darling coworker Bronson)
Anyways.. so I went next door to Mo:le and ordered an amazing breakfast. The staff there are hilarious and i love them. As I placed my order and was passing the cook I shouted into the kitchen I'd be back to pick it up and I wanted it made with extra love.
Well 15 mins later one of the girls comes dancing over.. and this is what was on my plate.

How cute is that??

The sheer amount of work that goes into crafting food is amazing. The last few days I've been marveling one of my places of work. Cafe Bliss which is beside Mo:le and Habit Coffee (which is one of the best cups of Java in this town me thinks) Bronson the guy who is dancing in the background of the top photo has been working extra hard since the owner has taken off for a few weeks. Yesterday.. he made this.

I ate it.. then named it "Chocolate Oh my goodness Banana cheesecake" It's totally dairy free, and that's just incredible for if you have a piece.. there is no turning back. You will be hooked. Yum yum yum yum.

My mind has been wandering alot lately about expressing yourself through various different mediums. Tattos, hairstyles, socks, shoes, cooking, nail polish... I mean really it's endless. I could pick a topic every day and start it off with "The art of creating a beehive" and write and write..

totally off topic but on topic I went and invested in some bumpits a few weeks ago.. THEY ARE AMAZING and yes girls they actually work. It took a little bit of tweeking but in the end I got there. I love my faux beehive. I might wear it to work tomorrow in fact! whoot.

Looking forward to my days off to get some serious sewing in.

Oh and one more picture of "B" with some more amazing chocolate goodness. Mint Matcha squares.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Felt doll

About a year ago I returned back to Canada after living in Jolly ol England for 2 1/2 years. I was living outside of Manchester with my boyfriend who has a darling daughter who recently turned 10. We have a fabulous relationship and one thing I love love LOVED about her is that she is super into crafting and loves everything I do.
One thing I made for her was a quilt made out of me, my boyfriend and her old shirts that we saved from going to charity.. well my boyfriend saved from going. You can read and view the quilt here:

I've been longing for weekends where I can craft with her and feel like there is a little bit of a hole in my heart now that we are separated. It took a while but I finally thought up something that could be fun for both of us and we could do together but on other sides of the world.

I called her up and asked her to design a doll for me. Any type of doll and that I needed details of what kinda clothing she wanted, type of fabric etc.
Two weeks later a letter arrived in the post.. this is what I pulled out.

Talk about details!!! I mean.. whoa.. I wasn't expecting this at all. Not to mention.. how do accomplish the details. Her imagination certainly got mine going.

I went out to the local fiber arts shop Knotty by Nature one of the owners Ryan ( who SPINS and knits?? hello! )Showed me a doll his wife had made for Halloween of a spider. She had used pipe cleaners for legs, however I found they were a bit limp.. so decided to beef up the number of pipes in my doll. With a few questions about felting needles answered I went home and began.

How did I do it?? Well the entire skeleton is made out of pipe cleaners. The abdomen is where the core is and the legs, arm and neck all are attached in the middle. I cut out separate little bits and doubled them over for the fingers.. this way there were no pokey bits sticking out.

The legs and " mouth " and eyes I wrapped up pom pom's in the pipes.. this allowed me to felt some good detail and saved me loads of time and felting.

Clothes were difficult. I wanted to make the top come on and off.. however the doll had a design flaw.. the hands were huge.. and the head made it impossible really for it to come on and off.

I did however get the underpants to come on and off.

The shoes were a challenge. I've never made shoes before so I consulted a group of doll makers who come in to one of my places of work Satin Moon and they told me for clothing etc use paper towel and pin it to your doll and then make a template from that. It worked brilliantly!!

Anyways here's the rest of the photos.. He's even got a cute little touche and belly button!!!

Can't wait for the next.