Monday, 29 March 2010

Three man shirt

I have to say.. it was the costume that intrigued me.. No seams on the front.

But kinda of a catchy song done by a group from Montreal. GO CANADA.

Clicky clicky

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sunday is scarf day

Good morning coffee... good morning breakfast.. a lovely cherry and hazelnut breakfast brownie.

Yes this is how everyones day should start..

Finally I managed to get some pictures of my new scarfs for etsy... this seems to be a learning process.

Originally I wanted to get a piece of green astro turf which is harder to get ahold of than one may think. Most places just short of laughed me out when I explained that I wanted some retro green turf. I even had a shop open its doors after they shut because I noticed they had some "turf" in their front window which they had no idea where it came from.. DAMN.

I made a new screen tonight with a gnome, mushroom, deer and hedgehog on it. I'm still struggling with the timing on the screens.. it's been so long since I've done it.. 5 years now? Maybe 4. Before I had it down to a T. Now I'm hovering wondering if I'm leaving it too long or not long enough. The next one I should get done well.

I'm pretty excited and have loads of ideas.. but as usual not enough time.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Happy Friday

It's been a whirlwind of a week. Happy things, sad things.. mad things... Lots of "things".

Looking back emotionally it's been a long up and down week. I have much to be thankful for and not alot to be bitter for. As easy as it is somedays to curl up and wonder why the world is coming down on you... it's just as easy to take a few moments and look around to all the amazing things you have.

Things that make me happy

My husband to be
Bobo ( my dog)
My AMAZING friends who make me smile
my jobs.. I love them.. even when they throw me shitballs.. over all.. it's all good.
Quilts I can curl up in made by mom
Spring flowers
beautiful fabric
my disco balls reflecting

chocolate cake from Bliss OMG

The sounds of my friends laughter, it makes me smile to gut roaring snorts.

Myself in a wedding dress! What a site!

freshly baked cupcakes.. I inhaled 1200 calories without eating a bite.

the soft fur a boston terrier puppy.. so lovely and puppy.

Have you watched this commercial?? It's amazing!!

Natural Gas

And you should also click to the making of.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Happy Mondays of colour and bliss

I just have to share this awesome photo of my boyfriend.. all dressed up. How cool is he? I'm jealous.. I want to be on stilts in an Elvis costume.. Somehow I don't think it would fly. I recently bought sunglasses that would have gone PERFECT with this costume too....Maybe that's why I bought them.

Most Mondays feel tiring.. for me it is near the end of the week and every Tuesday night when I go teach my poi class I announce every class "Happy Friday to me".. so monday.. nearly there.

I kinda like mondays since its my return from my days off from one job and switch to my fabric job. Today I got to work and found a MOUNTAIN of likkle lovely notes from everyone saying this that and the other.. and can you order some of this.. and that.. an the other.

ONE box I opened had shiny SPARKLY thread in it that I just want to dive into.. but when.. and where I have no idea.. I just want it. Like a magpie.

And also.. some badass fabric.. I want the whole freaking role.. I dunno what I'll do with it.. I just.. want it..My boss said if I make something sample worthy that she can display in the store ( IE apron or a bag) I can use it. Tomorrow I will mill over the patterns and decide if I can decide.

After work I went in search of some tissue paper.. and found this

Oh yes

it is..

a TEA CUP NIGHT LIGHT?!?!??!?! How wicked is that??

Then I had left over Reef dinner from last night in the fridge. Do mondays get any better??

So yeah.. hey YOU .. Happy Monday

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Five senses Friday

I've been wanting to do one of these for a while..Long time ago me and my ex would have a sit down once a week or once a day and talk about the best thing and the worst thing that happened to us. It was lovely. and I love this idea.

You should do one too!

lavendar cream cup cakes at the pink sugar cupcakery

Sounds of fire whilst spinning poi

Blizzards of cherry blossoms outside of my work in the wind

Blossoms during midnight walks

Recycled sari silk yarn from Treenway silks on Saltsping Island


Although I'm not too sure how this is working, but blog it on because it seems like fun.

People are nominating other people for awards.. and I was awarded by LouLou ( thank you by the way)

There are rules to this award:

1. Thank the person who gave this to you.
2. Copy the logo and place it in your blog.
3. Link the person who nominated you.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that no one would really know.
5. Nominate seven 'Kreativ Bloggers'
6. Post links to the seven blogs you nominate
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know you nominated them.

The people I would like to nominate are:

3.Mini Burton
4.Margie's Daily Photo So lovely
5.Creativeminds Creations
6.Homemade Bath Products
7.Made by Eva]

Oh yeah and 7 things about me you may not know..

1) I'm going to be going to school this fall to finish my diploma in Sign Language
2) I'm adopted and met my birth mom and family 10 years ago it was fab!
3) Currently getting my dog imported from England
4) I run a monthly craft collective called The Craft Army here in Victoria
5) I collect and from all over the world
6) I used to collect bugs from differnt places and make them into resin necklaces
7) uhm.. I dunno .. I've had a toe ring.. for 18 years? Oh exciting.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

New Scarves!!

Been playing around again with my screens. Finding problems and trying to iron them out.
I've really been drawn to almost contraversal thoughts in the themes.. Unicorns and Jesus.. and Religion vs Science. Fact and myths seem to be a running theme lately. I've made a Virgin Mary and a Jesus on a crusifix screens which I'm totally in love with.

My colours are growing at about one a week.. I had a neon yellow which I bought a few days ago but it wasn't meant for covering dark colours. It's Permaset which is a more expensive line than Speedball but the company offers so many colours and some are meant for white shirts (ones with black caps) and some are meant for covering dark colours (white caps) and they also have metalic colours which is pretty darn cool.

A guy from was lovely enough to create the Mary one for me, and he'll make you stencils upon request, you can just give him any old picture and he is somewhat of a photo shop guru. If you got some cash, donate! This guy gives it ALL away for FREE FREE FREE. Personal or commercial use. How amazing? My hats off to you dude.

My day off has been spent looking at wedding reception places, wedding cake posibilities, and looking at windows at wedding dresses... there was alot between it all.. so I didn't actually get to try anything on. Currently trying to buy a used dress since it's an expensive year and all. Whatever.. it's all going to be ok no matter what right? I'd love to make my own but where am I going to find the time?? My lovely maid of honor has advised against me even making my own cake.. which as heart broken as I was.. she's right, the day or two before the wedding.. I'm probably not going to want to be dealing with bloody icing and sparkles!! Fair enough.

Ohh spring is coming.. and my lovely bleeding hearts are coming out in full force.. I love this plant so will move with me thinks....

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Links to my tutorials!

Links to my tutorials!! and a pretty picture of me fire spinning....

So I've gone and linked all current tutorials that are up on

Anything I've done on here is on there.. just spreading the crafty goodness around.

I'm thinking of a brag page.. projects I've done.. and maybe I fail page.. when things have gone wrong.

*and here.. is my garbage bin where you can see my latest craft hanging out of*

Please check out my new page.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Egg decorating.. modern style

Craft Army was another successful night. We had 8 of us all together.. 4 dropped at the last moment, 2 due to papers (same class), one had to drop everything and help her sick land lady and one got diagnoised with whooping cough!!
However I think there is enough demand to organize a second Ukrainian Egg decorating night before Easter.
I had to finish mine once I got home since I found myself floating around staring at everyone elses. There was a surprising number of broken eggs falling everywhere and it was alot of lessons learned as usual to teaching people.
I got home and had another brain storm and hit the eggs so to speak and cranked out another before the next night fall.

Again.. I'm totally amazing how people make these with steady surgeon hands and sell them for so little! It's so much effort!

AND the methods.. you can make the egg and then cover all the bits you want (including the black) and then dip it into bleach.

On other crafty notes I recieved my Naked Knitting Calendar from my friend Lisa. I so badly wanted to be in this calendar, but sadly I left England before I got a chance to book a shoot.

damn.. oh well. I can put my lovely knitting ladies on my wall and admire them for all their amazing work and pursiverence. My heart just sings with pride and joy.. and sadness.
To catch you up I was part of an amazing knitting group in England, The founder Sarah died last year after a short battle with breast cancer.. it happened very fast. Lisa, who was one of her best friends and a dear dear friend of mine decided to move forward an idea and create this calendar to raise money for the hospital that treated Sarah during her journey. Sarah would had loved to had seen her girls do this for her.

I hadn't seen all the photos until now and almost cried when I saw Jackie wrapped up in a pink blanket... Big Pink.. Sarah's blanket she used during her treatment.
we all knitted a few pink sqaures for that inlcuding me! I MISS MY KNITTING NORAS!!!

Oh I also recieved my first package from a Swap-bot swap. It was a nice and simple one for tea. I sent mine off to someone today down in Clearwater. I hope she likes it! My mother now wants to join.

Last night me and my best friend got all dolled up for a night out on the town.

and I had hot shoes on.

Off for a cuppa.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Coffee and Sparkles

Ahhhh Goooood morning world.

Nothing beats a chilly morning more than a beautifully made hot steamy latte.

I love the people at Habit They make artful and tasty drinks.
Let's take a moment to thank the people who fuel our brains for the early hours of work..

Thank you caffeine employees. We salute you.

This morning I walked to downtown, grabbed my lovely beverage and headed to Satin Moon. This morning they were continuing a week long sale and "mini demonstrations". This morning Susan McGregor (one of my many artsy co-workers) was messing about with some products from a company called Jones Tones. Now I'll be honest.. This sort of stuff NEVER EVER in a billion galactic years held my interest until today. Today I had an art revelation. This is cool stuff and it's been sitting on the shelves in front of me ALL THESE MONTHS!

If you're not aware of who I am.. I can be compulsive.. and although I promised myself today I would clear out the last 4 yards of fabric sitting in my cubey hole.. I bought something new and shiny instead.

This is my journey.

Recently I've dug up a bunch of old photo emulsion screens my and my friend P used to use, which I've then been messing about with and seeing how they work. I screened the fly in gold onto this deep purple jersey fabric.

This is what I needed:

Bo-nash fusible powder
Jones Tones Foil
Parchment paper

This is one of the products I bought. It's called 007 Bo-nash fusible powder. It's about 16 bucks for a container of it. ( worth every frickin penny)

So you scatter the powder where you want.. you can use a toothbrush or a paintbrush if you want to put in patterns or "guide" it.

Put your parchment paper over the powder and give it a a quick iron. Maybe.. 15 seconds??

Lift the paper and you'll notice the flakes have "melted" a little bit. Put the foil on top.. shiny side up..this is really important.

Put the parment paper on again OVERTOP the foil and give it another quick iron. Let er cool for about a minute.. and take off the foil


shiny glittery goodness me!

There's this fusible glue stuff too.. I haven't properly tried it out.. but we'll see how it goes.

But for now.. I'm going to enjoy my new shiny scarf. I'm told it's washable and everything. How cool is that?

Off to poi class in the freezing cold I am.. Oh yay.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Eggs, doll and automobiles.

The Doll ladies were in today! And I had my head poked around the corner seeing what they were working on.. and it looked like their creations were at the beginnings. AND THEN.. Jeannine walked out with this amazing sparkling blue wonder and I'm left speechless and running for my camera.

Jeannine was kind enough to let me get some good shots of the doll and I had the chance via email to ask her a few questions about her own journey in the doll making world.
I had so many questions, how long did it take, how long have you been doing this? Where did you get inspired for this amazing doll??

She wrote:
"I’ve been making dolls since 1997 that would be 13years.
Everyone wants to know how long it takes to make a doll, well it depends some people can make a doll in a day, I’m not one of them. I always have several projects on the go so it’s difficult to say how long it takes for one doll and I work at one speed, This doll pattern is from a class that I took from Pam Grose a few years ago. I reduced the pattern and did some changes, the costuming is all my own design. It sometimes takes a while to figure out what kind of costuming will suit the doll."

It's safe to say she got the costume to fit the doll just right. The details leave you gasping. She's got it dialed right down to the tiny beaded shoes and rings on her fingers.

even her eyes.. made of glass.. and the eyelashes!!! WOW!!!!

If you're reading this Jeannine you are amazing!

Tonight I wrote a quick card and sent my package off to my Swap buddy. God I hope she likes it. Cost a fortune to ship! I should had taken a road trip to Lethbridge!

Before I went out I threw my egg into the last batch of dye. There are a few questions which I think I'll take back to the Ukrainian Cultural center and bug them about. When do you do the green? Before the orange and after the red? Or after the red?? because it can't go green than red right??

It's not perfect.. but I learned alot just doing this one. Tomorrow I'll buy some more eggs and wednesday is the big day!! wahooo!!

Oh I forgot! Jeannie asked if I could come up with a name!! Talk about pressure... I'm thinking.. something las vegas.. something sparkly.. bubbles... shiny...sweet..

Blue Candi Champagne.. or something... what do you think? Oh and the automobiles in the post title?? I had a moment tonight where I couldn't get my freakin key to move in the ignition.. and I nearly had a full on melt down.. why? Because I wanted to finish my egg before I went to bed tonight. Godforbid any interruptions. It all worked out though.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

My first SWAP!! Eco bags and more....

A week or so ago I was reading someones blog and I noticed this little button that said something about Swap Bot.. so I clicked and educated myself. If you don't know about it have a look. It's aimed for people who want to swap anything from postcards to stickers to shirts to whatever.Some are national international, reginal.. blah blah.. and there's like hundreds of them. Orginally I signed up for a scarf swap.. which I have some AWESOME scarfs knocking about so I thought PERFECT..but then I got a message that I had been dropped due to it being US only... I was a little tipsy when I read that one and sent a message back that I was sad and upset... The next morning I'm wondered if I sent back to the or whatever. Never did hear back.

I DID manage to sign up for a Eco bag and a tea swap. At first I thought I might go out and buy a eco bag from a local shop.. but I was having trouble deciding which shop to buy a bag from and send. After re-reading the swap I noticed it said you could make one too. Whilst shopping at fabricland I had envisioned several fabrics as chic eco bags, but during a weekly clean and waist deep under my kitchen sink, I was pulling out plastic bags out of the cupboard and had a EUREKA moment.

Plastic bags=Eco bag

Of course! GENIUS

I yanked out a old Craftzine mag out of my bookshelf and read a article about fusing plastic bags which I had tried once before and I found it really hard to find the right melting point.

top tip: Keep you Iron on low. and parchment paper is perfect for ironing over..Have loads of bags.. and be ready to screw a few up. Like driving a gear shift you have to find that sweet spot with the iron and bags. Not too hot.. not too long.. move it about.. Only testing will tell.

My mind was wheeling orginally around a log cabin quilt patch or four.. but my brain quickly told myself..
"uhm that's way too much effort and you have a week to sort this out."
Thank you brain.
So reality kicked in and why not try some easy quilting ideas. Crazy quilting!

First I found all the local bags I could, and few from the mall, cut off the bottoms and ironed them seperately with the parchment paper on low.
As they heated up they shrinked a little which I felt made them a little more durable and flat... which would be easier to deal with.

Then I cut them up into 3 inch strips.

I used a cotton twill rectangle as a base and started just sewing them on either just by zig-zagging or put a strip "right side" down. sew 1/4 inch length of the strip.. then flip it over so there's no seam. I used my hands to press seams or if the bag was acting unruly I would use the parchment paper and iron again.

For a pattern I measured a eco bag I had and just kinda made it up as I went along. I did line it and used a different fabric for the sides of the bag.

The bag was wasn't "sitting right so I topped stitched the sides on the outside of the bag.. so it maintains it's shape. That REALLY helped.

It was alot of work to be honest. Halfway through I had one of those "craft" tantrums... I get these once in a while where I freak out and am like WHY THE HELL AM I EVEN BOTHERING..

Then enters a cup of tea.

piece of chocolate

a moment..

then life continues. Normally these are the most gratifying projects. I am proud of this one. It's not the most AMAZING thing I've made, however.. alot of love and thought went into it. I even have one of my work places with my home town on it.

IN a week. Someone out there will be sporting it to the grocery store and I bet someone will comment on it. It's a one of a kind and my craft karma halo is spinning happily.

I bet a get a Walmart bag :P lol


These beauties are coming down to room temperature as I write.. the dyes were prepared this afternoon... tonight.. they will be come.. ART!