Friday, 30 April 2010

Just in time for Etsy.. not

Reflecting on my diary I realized that today is my etsy showcase... and I have like.. a bunch of scarves I wanted to make. So if anyone is looking at my shop.. all these scarves SHOULD be up there.. however.. things don't always go according to plan..Tonight was no exception.

8pm: Off to the craft cave

830pm: A new screen is laid out and set to exposure time, mean while mad cutting occurs on the table of meters and meters of jersey

915pm: Screen is done, scrubbed and dried. New screen is placed under light.. timer set. Inking begins...

10pm: Second screen scrubbed and dried.. mad muttering of ink and lack of chocolate in house.

10:05pm: boyfriends special chocolate stash is raided

10:07pm: Sugar rush occurs

1015pm: Feeling thirsty goes to cellar to observe beverages.. decides on diet... since the caramel egg seemed rather indulgent..a girl has to cut her calories somewhere right?

1030pm: Screening continues

1245am: Screening stops.. ink and spoons, dirty towels and scarves everywhere. Picture area is prepped and lights are moved.

1am: First picture is taken of the chaos.

1:01am: Camera give the electronic bleep which at this time sounds like a mechanical "fuck you" and dies.

1:02am: Melt down

1:10am: Second caramel egg is consumed and a blog seems appropriate... acceptance sets in. Whatever. I can do this again. Got some scarves at least right?


Five senses weekly reflection:

The sounds of lawn mowers.. makes me think of summer.. right around the corner.

Lavender after making homemade bath bombs

The sun beating down on my face. The lake is only a few weeks away... so is that swimsuit and my lily white legs.

My self in a bunny suit. I think I experience my inner 5 year old again.. where was this thing when I was a kid? My kids WILL have bunny suits.

Peanut butter chocolate cupcakes... these never get old.

Well.. off to bed and a good nights rest... Happy monday to me.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Felties book review and more felt.. surprise!!

Well something shiny has caught my eye if you haven't noticed. FELT! It's totally on the brain. Last month I brought in the book "Felties" by Nelly Pailloux. When I saw the cover I could barely contain myself but to break out in typical girly squels of "AWWWWWW". Needless to say I've brought it into Satin Moon and we can't keep it on the shelves.

The book is really well laid out with easy instructions and patterns and they are really easy and fun to make. The imagination that Nelly has shown is tremendous and with each page flip you just find yourself winding up into a a felted frenzy. If you like the cover you'll love the book.

One of the latest "victims" brought in her creations from the book this week.

I myself have been in a felting haze making cupcakes, donuts.. tea cups cookies and more this week... they are just far too fun.

Oh I also spotted my first bumble bee.. spring if officially here.. in my head anyways.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Cup cakes and donuts.. felt??

There's been cupcakes on the mind with me and a friend recently so we made a date to make them.. but not the ones you eat.

She loves cupcakes.. and has them everywhere in the house...and I bought a few for inspiration.. of course.. it's like.. life drawing.. but with cupcakes.. right?


Felted cupcakes ? How the heck do you make them? Although I still haven't solidified a pattern it was great fun making them. My friend and I sat around her kitchen last night with loads of felt, glue, thread and ideas. We managed a few between the two of us and I was pretty proud.

the first one...

the second one....

She managed to felt the cherry on top.

("anything in these quotes"-read a vocal not-so-much tone)

I made a "strawberry"... but since it didn't look like once I hucked it.. so my friend tried.. and she had the same problem. So she changed the "leaves" and it kinda looked like a scared heart. Which we both agreed was tres chic.. but not what we wanted.

I also made a donut. SUPER simple although I got a little lost for colours for sprinkles.. so I had her pull out her sprinkle supply to help me.

I ordered a tea pot and tea cup pattern of etsy today from Ume. She makes amazing stuff. I got the tea cup done tonight.. I messed it up a little bit. Gives me ideas how to construct one which is fantastic. I'll try out the tea pot and the tea cup again when I get some more felt.

Feltastic!! Whoooot.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Project Dungeon and Dragon dice DONE!

Oh lordy lordy lou it is true I have finished this feat! It has been a crazy journey.. sometimes driving me slightly mad but tonight I finished the last of the dice. I was asked to make a set for someones niece who is under a year.. and instead of regular dice they wanted plushy baby dice. Why not? I figured I was up for the challenge.

The most difficult things:

Gauging size of each di to di
Figuring out how to construct them. I used the Dice collectors webpage to help.

I printed the "guide" and used that whilst constructing.

Next up? Try and finish the many shirts of dad would be good..I have a bag for a swap-bot.. than that texas lamp.. then maybe something for me? Oh and the next door neighbours had a baby.... and then... and then.... and then.....

Happy 5 senses Friday...Things for me to reflect on.

Smelling: the lilacs from my co-workers garden at work.. They were soo sweet. I simply LOVE that smell.

Warm Chana salad from The Reef

Wet paper and fabric under my fingers on the fiber divas workshop this week

Drums and music floating from Centennial Square

The final product of those dice... it is satisfying to see them done!!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Silly easy things...

Hello spring... allergies.. and dandy lions. Play toy to children, lawn pain-in-the-ass to adults. Delicate and beautiful though.. eh?

This week has been full of birthdays and work. My boss at Satin Moon is off to Quilt Canada in Calgary this week.. I am so jealous. How awesome would that be? Cursed money!

However it's the little things that are fun.

did you know... you can make microwavable popcorn without buying it at the store? My best friend has gone off dairy for health reasons and I.. well a girl has to cut the calories where she can right? (super sized fries and a diet coke)

Anyways back to the pop corn. Grab a paper bag. I only had a wine bag lying about (tee heh) cut it down a little because it seemed really long at the time.

I used 1/3 cup of pop corn.

DO NOT use any metal. These "staple-less" staplers are available at most stationary stores or places which they are "hip" and "eco-green". That's where I got mine. Right in china town.
They are tres cool and I use mine more than I thought I would cuz I am "hip" and "eco-green" I don't use staples AND I re use wine bags!!! comeon! Really..

anyways throw kernels into bag and hit your pop corn button or "cook" until it's finished popping..

and tadaa Good old fashioned pop corn like mom used to make... but in the microwave.

Also in my kitchen I decided my bulletin board needs a make over so I started de-papering it and figured the fridge is a good place to put my old cards I can't throw away.

so I took my cards

slapped on some sticky sided magnet

and now I have a nice full fridge of goodness.. and one cleaned up bulletin board.. which I will attack some time in the next few weeks with winecorks me thinks.

So a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to make a lamp out of an a Texas bottle.. now I couldn't remember what they were.. rung a bell.. so she went ahead and sent me a picture.. OMG.. this is huge..and this is going to be one amazing lamp!

Stay tuned!

Monday, 19 April 2010

What to do with your left over records..

As you may know I had craft army last week and after returning home had a few left over records to use up. I finally got around to making a record book. Although I am not UBER pleased with it.. I'm pretty pleased with it.

This was the record in question:

and this was my dollar fifty book from Michael's

first I measured the dimensions of the book.

Then traced that onto the record. (make sure that when you're drawing the dimensions ON the record they are a little bigger than the book.. you don't want book overlapping the record....right?

Heat the oven to 200C or about 400F

Place that record of yours into the oven

Wait about 5 minutes until it gets flopping.. and pull it out and as quick as possible cut out your desired shape.

This is as far as I got the first time round... and then I placed it back in the oven to "melt" flat.

Get your glue gun hot and ready and glue the book and place the record on. I added a glittery stencil thing I also found at Michael's.

some girl told me she paid 40 bucks for a record book in town!!! Mine.. 3 dollars and f'ty cents.. BOOya baby.

I even had left over bits from this project.. and they were curled kinda like a baseball cap rim.. oh ideas ideas.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Happy friday!!

Ahhh fridays.. always blissful.. Literally because it's my first shift of the week at Cafe Bliss.

This week I got to come to work and give my lovely co-worker his gift he has commisioned me to make.. a chefs shirt! He brought me a shirt that he loved made out of some fancy hemp weave and some fancy tucks.. I advised I could make something simple.

This was my second attempt of making a pattern from a piece of clothing.. was a little of challenge because of the "chinese like" collar... however. I am please with the results..

B.. my lovely model and chef.

The weather has finally turned nice again and I decided to walk to work which is a 4km walk. I listened to my Craftpod and House music podcast which takes about an 50 min talk to work. On the way today.. I found something I felt should be included on my 5 senses friday.

Seeing...well... this.. it just made me laugh.

yes it is a paper bag.. nailed to a telephone pole.. wtf? Funny.


A burn.. this week I held craft army where we made record bowls, rings and file folders. However.. I burned myself in the process. It was a delicate reminder how sensative the skin is.

There were ALOT of record bowls.. 40ish made?? It was insane.

The sun on my face.. the last few weeks have been VERY stormy and bleh. This week I got some good ol fashion sunshine on my face.

Pesto hashbrowns from Mole.. it's enough to make one drool.

Motown classics off my ipod. Nothing makes the soul sing better than Motown music

Also here are a few more of the tsumami flowers I made this week...

happy friday folks.