Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Union Jack quilt pattern

UPDATE: I actually made on that works.. click here...

I want to make this quilt.. but I can't find a pattern for it.

My fiance is English... I lived there for a few years.. and I love the Union Jack.

I also love the idea of a Quilt of these.

A few years ago I machine sewed into plain blocks the union jack.

You can see it here.

Once upon a time I had a Union Jack umbrella.. which I mistakenly brought to Ireland.. which I further mistakenly opened up on a rainy day which was then taken off of me by some irish boys. Which I then yelled at that I needed an umbrella so they proceeded to hand me some euros and told me to buy a new one. They were actually quite nice about it and it was a rather humorous moment of my life. Educational as well. Union Jacks in Ireland- is a no-no.

Anyways... this isn't perfect..I might try paper foundation..

ALWAYS wash your fabric, notice the bleed from the red?? Damn it!

I love the colours.

Once I get it sorted I will be sharing it.. if I can explain it :)

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Tea Wallet deluxe

I'm a swapper on swap-bot.. and I know I said I wasn't going to do anything else until I got my projects done, but for fun.. I decided to read the angel forums.. and found that someone needed an angel. And.. it seemed simple. A Tea wallet.

You may be finding yourself asking " What is a tea wallet??"
Well my friends... it's all in the name. For you just may find yourself wondering how normal people get around without their tea.. and least their tea organized.. in a wallet.... in your bag.

Million dollar idea? Maybe not. But it was fun anyways.

I found these cute little buttons at the St. Vinny's too. Chanel yes no?

oh lala how fancy :)

Cupcakes Potholders What?

Do you love cupcakes??? Like eat breath and dream of them?I do realize I seem to be in cupcake land. I kinda of wonder where they have been all my life. My fiance and I found a book a few months ago about cupcake decoration and we have both been inspired to decorate... and me.. well.. I just want to play with cupcakes! Make em out of everything other than flour.

..and the latest one I found is a oven mitt.

It's a pattern by Susie C Shore Designs and was made last year according to the packaging.

I love them. don't get me wrong. but I would be more tempted to call them.. oven grabs then mitts.

As you can see, they don't quite cover my hand...

and... Personally I think oven mitts should be like mittens.. and the only way you can grab the pan is by bending it in half..

which is fine. I don't mind.. they can double as a hot holder too.

The pattern was good. If there was more pictures I'd be happier.. I'm like a child with patterns.. the more pictures the better! ALWAYS!

There's something so lovely and satisfying about quilted fabric...

and red silky and smooth.

My newest snag. A massive bulletin board!!! How exciting! This will be my inspiration board.

Do you have one? I'd love to see photos..Mine is very large! Very exciting though.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Bath bomb party!

Crazy week. Very busy.. I thought it was going to be quiet and even my days off have been go go go.. bah.
Last night though was very fun. It was the monthly Craft Army meet up and we had a blast making bath bombs. As you can see there were certainly lots to be made and I still have loads to make more!

There were all sorts made.. more than I can list....but here are a few....

Blue lemongrass sparkles

Bubble gum bomb with a plastic surprise in it...

Chocolate/Lavender Yin Yang Bomb

Rose with petals (satsuma to the left of it..)

Lemongrass with blueberry seed!

I also finished a bag for my swap-bot. Now I'm done this one, ALL crafts are on hold until I catch up.. the follow must be completed before taking on ANYTHING else:

Dungeon and Dragons dice bag (nice and easy)

Laura's quilt ( I had to re-purpose her old blanket and replace the backing on it.. now it just needs yarn stippling)

Dad's shirts.. he has 2 that need the buttons finished and another 2 that need to be sewn up

Texas Mickey Lamp

Another cooks shirt for Bronson

Wine cork a) bathmat or b) bulletin board.. I haven't decided what to do with all the corks yet.. maybe I can do both???

My brothers star wars quilt

Here are pictures of the swap-bot bag that I can happily cross off the crafty to-do list.

I used a Simplicity Pattern 2381

Sunday, 9 May 2010

baby pangs and fings..

Wild crazy hormones are at work. Maybe it's wedding bells.. maybe it's my maternal tick tock clock.. but damn I got baby fever.
Looking around my apartment today I noticed the baby quilts, clothes, patterns and fabrics I have been hording.

I also found myself thinking of things.. and making additions to go WITH the quilt. And every baby needs an ABC 123 cube? Maybe I've been listening to too much Motown and Jackson 5 or something .. but it had to be done.

Baby cubes and owls!! Owls are in right now right? How adorable! It was a total.. random thing.

I was just doodeling on paper whislt watching tv..

and then.. it came to life.. within an hour.. one of those craft zombie like projects where you sew and time just passes you by.

I even put a tail on him.. not really owl like... but cute enough. She's a baby.. what will she know??

Ok.. must sleep now.

Craft on ... craft on...

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Stars Wars Day Quilt..ish!!!


Ok.. so I am a day late, but I didn't get a chance to take some photos yesterday.

I have an older brother whom I love dearly. He has been a inpiring person when it comes to following your crafty Bliss. He learned to play the bass later in life and has played in many different local punk rock bands, and although none of them has been well paying gigs at any one time he just LOVES to play and jams everyweek. It just makes me smile. He really really loves what he does. I love that about him.

There's something special about making a gift for a loved one. You really get all excited and worked up about it. This is a project for my brother. After a few beers one night I couldn't contain myself and brought out the fabric and blocks. Surprise ruined but it doesn't matter .. he'll forget about it I bet.. lol.

I'm thinking it'll be ready for his birthday as a gift.. that gives me ample time. Still gotta finish dad's shirts first. Maybe tomorrow???

We'll see.

So happy belated Star wars day!!!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Baby Quilt Pattern.. too much work not enough quilting..

So I've been working on furiously for the last few days on a quilt from a pattern called Hip Baby by Bee Creative Originally I was going to make this quilt for me, but I never got around to it.. and well. I thought it'd make a cute baby quilt.. since that's what the original pattern was SUPPOSED to be for.. ha ha ha. la la la.

It's for my neighbours. Last night as I was sewing the quilt top together I had one of those moments where I feared I might have created something garish. It was late.. I was tired, the colours were loud... but when I awoke this morning and brought it to work to find a backing for it I reveled it the boldness of the colours.

Originally it started with an undying love for a few fabrics.. but this is the one that started it all.

I've been hankering after a few patterns. Surf Song by Eillen Wright, A gummy bear quilt and maybe some type of Union Jack flag... oh and I need to make a Maple Leaf Table runner as well for my mom who LOVES to dress up the house for Canada day.