Sunday, 25 July 2010

To England and back!!

Pop quiz.. this was on my food box on the way to england.. Can you guess what it means?? **scroll down to the bottom for answer**

Alot has gone on in the last month or so.. I've been very busy but mostly I ran away to England! It's been brilliant. I went to a festival for the weekend called Otherworld about a month ago.. the monday morning I got back I decided to go to England to visit my man and friends whom I miss terribly over in Jolly old England.
It was fantastic to see all my friends but one of them I knew was very very VERY pregnant and of course.. three days before I left I realized I needed to make a blanket for her before I left!
And we've all done this eh? Up till 2am.. crafting away madly night after night.. I even managed to sneak in my itty bitty scissors and my sewing needle past security at the Vancouver Airport and finish off the binding whilst killing time for my flight. I hear you're acutally allowed to bring those scissors on board.. however I didn't ask... and they didn't look. Although rumour has it knitting needles are allows on planes again.. which is kinda cool.
Anyways so here is my friends baby quilt I finished.. it's pretty bright and random.. but I kinda like it and I'm quite sure she loved it too.

England was fantastic and I kept it on the downlow so I literally just showed up on peoples door steps and snuck into parties to shock their socks off. It was brilliant! There was a little mouse draggin crisp bags into its den in the loose stone wall..

Glasses of wine to be shared with friends...

Surprises and hugs...

This is a KILT BAG!! How wicked. She picked it up on a visit in Scotland! I loved it!

The most AWESOME oil plug EVER...

All in all it was about 2 weeks too short! When I got back I got upgraded to Premium because they over booked my flight TOTALLY wicked. Upon arrival my brother picked me up and I got my dog.. who was filthy.. now he had only been with him for the last two days of my visit.. but holy cow the water was black when I rinsed him.
Just sent him there for less then a day.. and I had to bath him again.. observe the mingy bath water.. and remember LESS THEN 24 HOURS at my bro's.

Anyways.. three days back and I am informed I have a baby showed to attend.. which I ended up getting TOTALLY sick the night before.. so I didn't go.. but I did manage to make a whole bunch of rad things for my cousins baby to be.
The quilt pattern has been altered from Blue Meadow Designs from Manitoba. The fabric is a Michael Millers fabric which GLOWS IN THE DARK!!! How freakin cool is that? I need more..anyways I chopped up some felt and made a burp blanket and then a bib from New Conceptions website which has loads of free baby stuff on it. And I made booties from the bitty booties pattern from Heather Bailey which are really really easy to make and super cute and you can really customize them. The pattern is free free free and she had them in two sizes as well.

Ok enough rambling for now...

oh yeah..

ANSWER: Please return all cold drink items to crew for recycling. Were you close??