Monday, 17 January 2011

Costumes!! Chicken and Canadian...

There's quite a few things I've been up to this past week.. but not enough time to take pictures of them all and blog...

Here's a list of things I've done.

2 aprons complete with ruffles
2 loaves of banana bread
4 dozen cookies
1 cheesecake
2 kanzashi flowers
1 dress
3 blocks for my Pies and Tarts quilt
helped my mom with her quilt

I feel like there's more.. but between that and 40 hours of work *barf* it's been a long week.

At work we are having fabric frenzy month. Each day with a different theme. Friday was dress your pet up day so I got to dress up Bobo and bring him with us. It was AWESOME!! There is something super hilarious belly roaring FUNNY about dogs in costumes.

You can see on a scale of one to ten he is a ten in cuteness and pissed offness.

Last night was a "Canadiana" themed party. I struggled to figure out what to wear. I ended up finding a 2XXL Mens plaid button up top and after searching the web for tutorials and inspiration came up with just taking off the sleves... adding a few darts.. and TA-freakin-DA lumberjack dress.

I am thrilled to pieces with it and wore all day today too! New favorite dress!

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  1. Such a lovely family photo. I absolutely love Bobo in these pics. He just looks sooooo stoked to be alive. lol